6 Ways to Refresh Your Home
Dabl At Home Dec 2020
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6 Affordable Ways to Refresh Your Home

There are simple, inexpensive ways to refresh your home and we’ve got 6 of ‘em to share!

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Spring has sprung, and this season is one of renewal and change. If your home is a bit lackluster and you’re in need of a refresh, now’s the time. No need to call the contractor, there are simple, affordable changes you can make. We’ve got 6 ways to do it all for under $25 dollars.

Change Your Knobs

This simple switch can bring character to your home. Small but mighty, putting new knobs on your drawers in your bathrooms, bedroom, or kitchen is a quick and easy way to refresh the look. No matter your style -- vintage, modern, or boho -- there are knobs that will complement it. 


4-Pack Crystal Drawer Knobs

 These knobs can really bring the bling to your room. From drab to fab, they’ll do the trick and the price for 4 can’t be beat!

$8 on Amazon

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Go Wild With Spray Paint 

For less than $6 a can, the look of your entire home can be updated using spray paint. It can brighten up your dining chairs, give your bed frame a completely new look, make a bookshelf pop, or, add color to the items like picture frames and wooden boxes that are lining your shelves. 

Before you paint, make sure your furniture is nice and clean (a vinegar cleaning solution does the trick) and free of dust. If your item has a dark finish already, you’ll want to use a primer, so there is no bleed through. If spray painting wood, sanding it down first will help the paint stick. Lastly, don’t forget to be patient. You’ll want to do a light coat, let it dry, and then repeat.


Professional Gloss Safety Blue Spray Paint

The bright blue of this spray paint will add a needed pop a color to any room in your home! This brand is currently offering a bulk sale price on it’s paint -- buy 6 get 20% -- so take advantage of this great deal now!

$8 on Lowes.com

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Stick Self-Adhesive Shelf Liners on Shelves...And More!

Shelf liners are an affordable alternative to more expensive wallpaper. Aside from their intended use --  to line shelves -- you can use it as a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom, along the base of a staircase, to line countertops, or to the back of bookshelves. With so many colors and patterns available, shelf liner is the multi-use item that keeps on giving! 

WFX Utility WFX Utility

Penistone Stingray Self-Adhesive Shelf Liner (Set of 2)

This gray-blue patterned liner will add style to any room. The design stands out without being overpowering. The easy peel adhesive leaves no residue and the gridded back will help you measure out the exact size needed for your space.

$19 on WayFair.com

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Browse Buy Nothing Groups on Facebook and Free Items on OfferUp

“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure,” was never as true as it is here! Facebook has groups you can join where people are not looking to buy, but rather, recycle or upcycle their items. Similarly, the website and phone app OfferUp has a “free” section where you can get tons of great items -- anything from mirrors to couches -- for free if you’re willing to go pick it up from the owner.

Revamp Your Couches and Chairs with Slipcovers

Getting a new couch or accent chair is a pricey investment, but refreshing the look with a slipcover is an affordable solution! Slipcovers are easy to take on and off -- great for those who tend to have spills on their couches and chairs -- and come in so many colors and textures! 


Stretch 1-Piece Textured Grid Armchair Slipcover

This super soft, durable material will slide right on over that armchair you’ve had in your living room forever. In an instant, you’ve got a new look! Available in tons of colors, there will definitely be a cover that fits your look!

$24 on Walmart.com

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Do A Room Swap

It may not be sweat-free, but changing up the rooms in your home is a free way to refresh your space. Depending on your space, are there two rooms you could do a complete swap with? Change your office into your TV room? Or, switch the direction of your bed and dresser in your master bedroom. You’d be surprised how moving furniture will give you an entirely new feel to an entirely familiar space!

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