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Dabl At Home Dec 2020
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5 Simple Last-Minute DIY Gifts

Forgot a gift for that coworker, friend, distant cousin, or even your dog? Dabl has got you covered with some DIY!

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If the clock is ticking for you to find the perfect gift, it may be time to consider a DIY one! Show them you really care by putting in the time and effort to create a gift they’ll love. We’ve got 5 simple suggestions for DIY gifts you can make at home.

DIY Cookie Jars

We not only love the way these cookie jars look, we also love the way the cookies taste. And, so will your giftee!  All you need is a large mason jar and the ingredients for any one of your favorite cookie recipes. Simply layer the ingredients -- we particularly like cookies with walnuts because they look nice top of each other in the jar. Using a funnel may help with presentation so that the ingredients don’t mix with each other. Once complete, tie some pretty ribbon and a gift card around the mouth of the jar. If you’d like, write out the recipe on the card, or use this handy Dabl gift tag!

Cookie Label

DIY Dog Biscuits

If you’re gifting a dog owner, they’ll be so impressed with these DIY dog biscuits! The biscuits are simple to make; the only ingredients are whole wheat flour, eggs, and peanut butter. You can mold the dough into a round shape, or, quickly order some dog-biscuit cookie cutters from Amazon.


Dog Cookie Cutter Set

Your dogs will love your homemade snack no matter the shape or size, but may love them even more if they are in these adorable bone shapes! 

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Check out our video here on how to make these doggie delights!

DIY Beaded Chain

If you’re someone who already loves beading and has some at home, here’s a different use for those beads. Instead of making a bracelet or necklace, make a mask or glasses chain. Change out your usual clasps for lobster ones (you can order them from Amazon)

Nina VeiwoNina Veiwo

Lobster Claw Clasps

These handle lobster claw clasps will keep your mask in place! 

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Don’t have beads? Amazon has this this kit for less than $15. A fun activity for you, a great gift for your loved one!


Make Your Own Colorful Beads

Make your own colorful beads at home with this colorful kit - you can make one for everyone in your circle of friends! 

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$12.99 on Amazon

DIY Roasted Cinnamon Almonds

Your gift will surely be a hit, once they taste these addictively good cinnamon roasted almonds. You’ll need 3 cups of almonds, 1 cup of sugar, ½ tablespoons of cinnamon, and some mason jars. Here are the simple steps:

- In a large skillet, combine the sugar, cinnamon, and ¼ cup water over a medium-high heat until the sugar dissolves.
- Add the almonds and stir constantly until they are coated, the sugar has crystalized, and the almonds are completely coated. This should take 5-10 minutes.
- Scoop the almonds out of the skillet and onto a sheet of parchment paper. 
- Break apart any clump and allow them to fully cool.
- Once cooled, fill up your mason jars. 

DIY Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

This gift is useful and beautiful to display! If you’re someone who enjoys working with clay, get ready for some fun. You’ll need a few rolls of any color clay you’d like, as well as one large block of white clay. Use a piece of wax paper to prevent sticking to your work surface. Here’s what you do:

- Using the white, and then about 3 other colors, cut even-sized chunks of each. Double the amount of white. 
- Roll the clay into log-like shapes. Then, gather them all together, and twist. Then, roll into one long log.
- Take the long log, fold it in half, and roll out again. Repeat 4-5 more times to really get that marbleized effect.
- Roll your clay into a ball. Then, roll that out, using a drinking glass or a rolling pin, into ¼-inch thickness. 
- Use a cereal bowl to then place over the clay, and a knife to trim away the excess.
- Carefully pull the clay off the wax paper, and drape it over the bottom of an oven-safe glass or ramekin. 
- Bake at 275 degree fahrenheit for 15 minutes. Voila!

If you need some clay to get started, here is a starter-kit from Amazon.


Soft Clay Starter kit

Get started on your clay DIY journey with this starter kit - there is almost a color for any kind of craft you and the kids can dream up! 

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