5 Locations It Won't Rain On Your Wedding Day
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5 Locations Where It Almost Certainly Won’t Rain On Your Wedding Day!

Don’t let the rain ruin your wedding day by getting married in a destination that’s known for sunshine and clear skies!

When planning your dream wedding or vow renewal ceremony, you are likely coordinating every little detail to make sure your day goes perfectly. The only thing you can’t control is the weather. And for many soon-to-be brides and grooms, a rainy wedding day is a nightmare. 

While some people consider rain on your wedding day to be back luck, others see it as a good thing. Those who view rain as good luck say it signifies that you will have children, be cleansed of the sadness and tough times from your past, and be given a new chapter in your life. But from a logistical standpoint, rain on your wedding day can cause undue stress, especially if you had planned for an outdoor wedding. You’ll either need to assemble a plan to put up tarps or tents to keep everyone dry, or hope your venue has a suitable indoor location to hold the wedding ceremony at the last minute. You also might not get those perfect wedding photos you were hoping for, or risk soaking your expensive wedding gown. 

It’s always a good idea to pick a venue that has backup locations in case your first-choice location is unusable at the last minute for reasons like rain. But if you want to significantly limit the likelihood of rain and really don’t want to deal with the hassle, you might consider hosting a destination wedding in one of these 5 locations where rain is a rarity. 

Southern California 

Santa Barbara

California is known as the Golden Coast for good reason! With hot summers and mild to moderate temperatures all year round, the weather is usually sunny and comfortable. The average amount of precipitation in California is 23 inches per year, although the state is currently in a drought. That said, drought conditions don’t take away from any of California’s beauty. From the stunning beaches in Santa Barbara to luxurious hotels in San Diego and sprawling vineyards in Wine Country, Southern California has a wide variety of wedding venues where you can say “I do” on a beautiful day!  


Sedona sunset

If you don’t mind a bit of heat, you’ll almost certainly have clear weather for your wedding day in Arizona. Arizona is a desert region that gets plenty of high temperatures, but very little precipitation. Cities like Phoenix only get around 8 inches of rain per year! Phoenix is also a great location if you’re looking for a boho-chic wedding with lots of bright colors. Alternatively, you might fall in love with a venue among the stunning red rocks in Sedona or the romantic vibes at Dove Mountain. 

Denver, Colorado 

Downtown Denver

Despite being so close to the mountains, Denver, Colorado gets a surprisingly low amount of rainfall each year. Denver averages around 16.7 inches of rain per year, but usually receives much less. Instead of rain, you just get to enjoy the scenic views and the clean mountain air on your wedding day! Make sure to check out all the beautiful resorts, event centers, and historic hotels that can be transformed into amazing wedding venues in Denver!  


Aruba Beach

Known as “one happy island,” Aruba is a beautiful island in the Caribbean that is known for its stunning blonde beaches and wind-sculpted desert landscapes. And you’ll certainly be happy if you get married on this safe and blissful island! Aruba has the lowest annual rainfall of all the Caribbean islands, allowing you to say “I do” without the threat of storms or hurricanes. And when you’re ready to kickstart your honeymoon with some fun excursions, this family-friendly island has plenty for you to do! Popular activities include relaxing on Aruba’s many beaches, scuba diving, going to a butterfly garden, and visiting Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba.  

Marseille, France


Many people live by the motto that you should “go big or go home” and a European destination wedding would certainly be an extravagant, but unforgettable affair! We’re particularly drawn to Marseille, the second-largest city in France. Not only does Marseille get very little rainfall, but this seaside city looks like it was pulled out of a fairy tale! This destination was also named the European Capital of Culture in 2013, so you and your new spouse will have plenty to do and explore if you stick around for your honeymoon!  

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