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5 Different Fun Mocktails for Dry January

Staying away from alcohol during January is one of the unheralded American traditions - make it more fun with these creative non-alcoholic drinks!

Many American participate in a Dry January to offset their typical boozy marathon of holiday drinking (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas). While it may seem difficult to stay away from alcoholic drinks for a whole month, there are many creative solutions out there to satisfy your cravings. 

Coffee Tonic

As if an iced coffee itself wasn’t refreshing enough, a coffee tonic will truly open your eyes to how dynamic coffee  can be. A shot of espresso (or iced coffee), poured over iced tonic water will remind you of a fancy, mixologist-created drink, and will also have the added benefit of giving you that extra boost in the middle of the day! Check out the video above to see how to make this super simple drink. 



We love a great sangria - and this non-alcoholic version will have you hardly missing the wine that is normally there. The star of this drink is really the fresh fruits, which are muddled with mint to bring a multi-faceted flavor to this mocktail. We like grapes, apples and oranges (with skin on for a touch of bitterness). Top it off with some grape juice and soda water, and enjoy! 

Paloma with Rosemary

Paloma with Rosemary

Many times when we’re thirsty for an alcoholic drink, we are looking for a bit of bite and zest. Enter the paloma! Satisfy your thirst with sour grapefruit juice topped with seltzer water and infused with a bit of aroma from some crushed rosemary. 

Ginger Mule

Ginger Mule

Continuing on the theme of having a drink with bite, try out a ginger mule! There are a few strong ginger sodas that are a bit bolder in nature - pick up one of those varieties and pour over  a generous handful of mint leaves. However, don’t forget to save a sprig or two as garnish to complete the look. 

Blueberry Mint Tea

Blueberry Mint Iced Tea

An iced tea is the usual go-to for those looking to lay off the alcohol for a while. Why not make it special? Once again, enhance your iced tea  with some muddled mint, but add some ripe blueberries to the mix to take it to mocktail levels! 

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