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12 Perfect Dog Sweaters That Are Too Cute To Resist!

Keep your dog warm with a cozy dog sweater made just for your pup!

Did you know that your dog’s body temperature is quite a bit higher than yours? Your dog’s normal body temperature should be somewhere between 101° to 102.5° Fahrenheit, which would be a fever for you! If you have a small dog or a young puppy, they may have trouble staying warm enough. Similarly, medium to large dogs that have lost muscle mass due to age or illness may also benefit from a sweater that helps them maintain their body heat. And of course, dogs with short hair, thin skin, or low body fat can all get cold fairly easily. Investing in a dog sweater (or two!) is your cozy solution! 

That said, you might be thinking that we are a bit crazy to be writing about dog sweaters as we enter the warmest time of the year. But even in the spring and summer, your dog can still get cold. All it takes for some dogs to start shivering is a highly effective air conditioning unit or an unseasonably cold spring or summer night. Plus, you’ll be able to score better deals on dog sweaters to use next fall and winter if you shop during the off-season. Start by checking out our 12 favorite dog sweaters that are available now! 


Disney Mickey Mouse Confetti Dog Sweater

Are you a family of Disney fans? Your pup can look the part in this adorable Mickey Mouse sweater. This turtleneck sweater features colorful Mickey silhouettes, a handy leash hole, and an easy pull-over design. 


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Frisco Doggiesaurus Dog Hoodie

Especially if you have a teething puppy, you might sometimes question if you adopted a dog or a ferocious velociraptor! Regardless, your dog will be the cutest dinosaur in the neighborhood when he wears this dino dog hoodie! 


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Frisco Nap Queen Dog Hoodie

Is your pet the queen even in her dreams? If so, this sweater is perfect for her! Made from polyester and cotton, this light hoodie is a wardrobe staple for the spring and summer months. 


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Frisco Palm Tree Dog Hoodie

Embrace the summer vibes with this palm tree-themed dog hoodie! The hoodie features a blue tie-dye color scheme that resembles a sunset and is decorated with plenty of palm trees! It’s another cute staple for your pet’s spring and summer wardrobe, especially if you’ll be hanging out at the beach! 


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Personalized Dog Hoodie

Invest in a dog sweater that is truly one-of-a-kind! Your dog’s sweater will be made just for him in your favorite color and will be personalized with your pup’s name!


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Knitted Dog Sweater

Treat your dog to a handmade knitted sweater! This designer makes fashionable knitted dog sweaters for dogs as tiny as chihuahuas and as big as rottweilers or german shepherds. Each sweater comes in trendy colors and features a cute animal design. 


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Custom Dog Hoodie

If you haven’t found a hoodie that suits your pup’s personality, it might be time to design your own! The hoodie is made with your custom text embroidered on the back beneath the hood and comes in a variety of bright colors. Get creative with the text by choosing your favorite phrase, song lyrics, movie quotes, or your favorite nickname for your pup! 


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Tipsy ElvesTipsy Elves

Tipsy Elves "Treat Inspector" Dog Sweater

Although this sweater is really meant for Halloween, it can be worn all year by any dog who loves food and treats! If it’s impossible for food to enter your household or for you to sneak a midnight snack without your pet noticing, this hilarious sweater is probably a good choice for your dog! 

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Pet Life Pet Life

Pet Life Argyle Ribbed Sweater

The argyle pattern on this dog sweater is not only adorable and trendy, but it certainly makes every pooch who wears it look extra smart! Pick between pink and blue designs to keep your intelligent furry friend warm! 


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Top PawTop Paw

Top Paw Star Fleece Pet Sweater

This fleece pet sweater honestly reminds us more of a vest than a traditional sweater. It won’t limit your pet’s movement, but it will keep him warm on chilly mornings and cool evenings! Plus, we can’t get enough of the adorable star design that makes your pet look like the star you know he is! Choose from gray and pink designs! 


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maxbone x Christian Cowan Jumper Blue Dog Sweater

This sweater might seem a bit pricey, but where else are you going to find a designer sweater for your pooch? Maxbone and designer Christian Cowan collaborated to create the ultimate, trendy dog sweater. Featuring maxbone's chunky knit sweater silhouette and Christian Cowan's playful feather accents, there won’t be a more fashionable dog in your neighborhood! 


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Reddy Calming Grey Dog Hoodie

This sweater kills two birds with one stone: It helps keep your dog warm and eases any anxiety he may be feeling at the same time! As an added bonus, this dog sweater is made sustainably from recycled materials! 

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