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The 12 Best Travel Accessories We Can’t Live Without

Preparing for your Summer vacation? Make sure to pack these 12 accessories!

If shows like Escape to the Country on DABL and stunning pictures popping up on social media are leaving you longing for an adventure, you’re in luck! It’s officially the season for Summer vacations, road trips, and romantic weekend getaways. While vacations are a blast, sometimes the journey to reach your destination can be the complete opposite. From delayed flights to uncomfortable seats and stressful, last minute packing sessions, traveling can quickly become a huge hassle. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve compiled a list of our 12 must-have accessories every time we travel that are sure to bring relaxation and luxury to your next trip! 


Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

The BCOZZY Travel Pillow is no ordinary pillow, and will ensure you reach your destination feeling good. The BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow is machine washable and has a special patented design that comfortably supports your head, neck, and chin while you’re on a flight or on a long road trip. The ergonomic design will prevent headaches, shoulder pain, and neck pain by keeping your head and neck from falling too far forward or getting stuck in a wonky position. It comes in 8 vibrant colors and patterns, and comes in sizes meant for kids and adults.

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Power Bank External Battery Pack

Don’t lose access to your favorite music or videos on your next flight or road trip. The TG90 Power Bank is a multifunctional, portable battery charger with built-in charging cables that is compatible with most smartphones, including iPhones and Androids. It can even charge multiple phones at the same time! This battery pack is compact enough to fit in your purse, and can charge your phone 2-3 times before it needs to be charged itself. 


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Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Tune out the craziness of travelling, and sit back and relax in your own, peaceful reality with the COWIN Noise Cancelling Headphones! These comfortable headphones can be used for over 30 hours on a single charge, which is perfect for travelling. Noise cancelling technology works in both wired and wireless mode to block out airport and plane noise during your flight, or snoring roommates once you arrive at your hotel. These headphones come in 7 vibrant colors, and have Bluetooth and microphone capabilities. You can even use these headphones to make hands-free phone calls when you need your hands available to carry luggage or handle other travel arrangements. 

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Lay-n-Go COSMO Cosmetic Bag - 20"Lay-n-Go COSMO Cosmetic Bag - 20"

Lay-n-Go COSMO Cosmetic Bag - 20"

The Lay-n-Go Cosmetic Bag is the easiest way to transport makeup and toiletries, whether you are embarking on a long family vacation or a quick weekend getaway. Simply pack your makeup and tie up the bag, and then open up the bag on the counter to easily see and find all your cosmetics in one place. Your makeup won’t go rolling around the counter or fall on the dirty hotel floor, and the bag includes holders for brushes and a zipped compartment for enhanced organization. 


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Lightweight Luggage Organizers

These luggage organizers come in more than a dozen pretty colors, and will bring order and ease to your packing like you’ve never seen before. Each set comes with a laundry bag to separate your clean and dirty clothes, as well as packing cubes to organize shirts, socks, pants, underwear, toiletries, electronics and chargers, and other essentials. VAGREEZ Lightweight Luggage Organizers will help you save space in your suitcase, and stay organized for your entire vacation. 


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RFID Blocking Travel Wallet and Luggage Tags

Not only do the Fintie Travel Wallet and Luggage Tags look adorable in their four colorful design options, but they will protect you from identity theft. These wallets and luggage tags are made with RFID Blocking material, which means criminals can’t use computer technology to illegally try to steal credit card information or personal information while your credit cards, ID, and passport are safely stowed away. Plus, it will be easy for you to identify your checked suitcases at baggage claim when you pick a luggage tag with such a pretty and recognizable design. 


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The Coldest WaterThe Coldest Water

Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Hydro Travel Mug

Travelling can be stressful enough without getting dehydrated, so it’s important to make a conscious effort to stay hydrated. This stainless steel hydro travel mug from The Coldest Water Store can keep drinks ice cold for up to 36 hours, or hot for up to 13 hours. It’s the perfect companion to keep in a nearby cup holder on a road trip. Similarly, you can fill it with your drink of choice once you reach your gate after passing through airport security. When your trip is over, this mug is perfect for keeping drinks cool at the gym, or can accompany you on hikes or day trips! The insulated mug holds 32 ounces, and comes in 7 epic color choices!


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Crossbody Cell Phone Shoulder Bag Pouch

If you don’t want to lug a giant purse around the airport, or simply want to carry less while on vacation, consider using the crossbody cell phone shoulder bag pouch from mylovetime. This PU (artificial) leather phone case is both durable and beautiful, and can be worn via a crossbody strap! It has space for you to safely store your cell phone, ID, and credit cards, while keeping your most personal possessions easily accessible when you need them. 


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Ultralight Comfortable Contoured Travel and Sleep Eye Mask

Whether you are travelling by plane, train, or car, you’ll want the ability to disconnect from the chaos of travelling and relax. This ultra soft eye mask comes in 6 vibrant colors, and is made in one size to fit all. This lightweight latex-free eye mask is made from molded foam that is contoured to allow you to blink freely and won’t put annoying pressure on your head. It is also designed to avoid smudging makeup s


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Blanket Scarf For Women

This blanket scarf from FURTALK comes in 11 stylish colors, and functions as both a fashion accessory and as a cozy blanket while travelling. Each scarf is reversible, made from eco-friendly materials, and has a soft, cashmere feeling. It looks incredible with any outfit, but can also be used as a blanket or for warmth. 


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Physix GearPhysix Gear

Compression Socks for Men & Women

You’ve most definitely thought about packing socks for your trip, but if you are traveling by air, you may want to consider changing into compression socks for your flight. Compression socks can help prevent uncomfortable sensations while flying, like when your feet tingle from falling asleep. Compression socks will also help you avoid dangerous side effects that sometimes occur from sitting too long on planes, such as blood clots.


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Amazon Kindle with Built-In Front Light

Last but not least, every successful flight or road trip needs some entertainment to help the time fly by. Instead of packing books, which are heavy and take up a lot of space, bring along an Amazon Kindle instead. Each Kindle has 8GB of storage, which means it can store all your favorite books in one compact, lightweight device. Plus, the Kindle is equipped with a 167 ppi glare-free display that reads like real paper, even in direct sunlight. You can also adjust your Kindle’s brightness to read easily and comfortably, whether you are reading on a plane, in a hotel room, sitting by the pool, or anywhere you can possibly imagine!


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