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11 Incredible Gifts That High School Graduates Will Love!

Struggling to pick out the perfect gift for the High School graduate in your life? We’re hooking you up with 11 amazing gift ideas that your grad is sure to love!

Kids are notoriously hard to shop for, and naturally you want to purchase a gift that will make the high school graduate in your life fall head over heels! After all, such an impressive academic achievement deserves to be recognized in a way your graduate will love. We’ve gathered the 11 hottest and trendiest gift ideas for high school graduates to help you choose a gift your graduate will adore! Once you purchase your gift, all that’s left is to get excited to watch your grad’s face light up as he or she opens the perfect present on the big day! 

1.) Graduation Lei 

Purchase your high school senior a special lei to proudly wear during the graduation ceremony. Wearing leis during graduation is a tradition that started in Hawaii, but is now included in ceremonies all over the United States. Giving a graduating student a lei is meant to be a symbol of how much you support and love your grad. In addition to admiring the pretty flower colors on each one-of-a-kind lei, it’s also fun for everyone watching the ceremony to see who loved the grad enough to bestow a lei upon him or her. Most high schools will sell leis for families to give to their seniors as part of their graduation package or before the ceremony, but many online vendors will also ship fresh leis nationwide. 

2.) Personalized College and University Gifts 

After graduating high school, the next step for most is to continue their education by attending a college or university. Hype your student up for their next academic journey by gifting some swag from his specific college or university, such as a sweatshirt, t-shirt, jersey, hat, mug, or stuffed animal versions of the school mascot. Specific schools and majors within a University often have their own merchandise available as well! If you want to make your collegiate gift extra special, many creators on Etsy create personalized college-themed gifts! 

JunkMonkeyClothing JunkMonkeyClothing

Custom Lightweight Hoodie

If your grad’s college isn’t selling the perfect school jacket, make your own with the help of JunkMonkeyClothing on Etsy! You can customize the size, color, design, and text. Next, add your grad’s school name or logo, and include a personalized message or her name on the jacket.


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3.) Jewelry 

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! But, did you know diamonds are also a high school graduate’s best friend? Your graduate would love a new piece of jewelry that celebrates her achievement and compliments her style. Whether you pick out a new ring, earrings, necklace, or bracelet, your grad will always remember her special day and your generosity when she wears her new bling!


Graduation Gifts Compass Grad Necklace

Say congratulations with this charming necklace that is sure to make your graduate feel loved! This best selling necklace is made of 18 karat gold and comes in a commemorative graduation-themed box. The necklace features an artistic rendering of a compass to represent the journey your grad has been on to reach her special day, and all the new directions the next chapter her life could take.


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Cuff Bracelet Engraved with Grad Cap and Class Year

This understated, classy bangle is the perfect gift for a high school senior. It’s engraved with a commemorative graduation cap and the year 2021 on the ends. A nostalgic quote from Dr. Suess is featured on the inside of the bangle, which reads “Oh, the Places You’ll go!,” which your grad can look at whenever she needs a reminder of the bright future ahead of her. 


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4.) Class Jewelry

Most high schools sell commemorative class jewelry for each graduating class, including lockets and rings. These pieces can usually be personalized with your student’s school colors, birthstone, and name. This piece of jewelry will hold extra meaning, and serve as a happy memento for graduates to commemorate their high school years. 

5.) Dorm Room Gifts

Help set your graduate up for success as a college freshman by helping him feel at home in his dorm room. Even though dorm rooms are tiny, furnishing one is no small challenge. Come Fall, your student will need to be ready to go with all his new decor and essentials, such as lighting, seating, storage solutions, bedding, and more. Use your graduation gift as a way to give your grad a head start on packing for college!


Removable Dry Erase Message Dots and Marker (Set of 3)

Each WallPops! Package includes three 13" diameter dry erase dots and one dry erase marker for your grad to share fun drawings and messages with roommates and neighbors! They will easily adhere to any clean, dry, flat surface, such as a wall or door, without leaving any adhesive residue or damaging walls thanks to peel and stick technology. The message dots come in 4 vibrant colors!


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All the Rages LimelightsAll the Rages Limelights

Flossy Flexible Gooseneck Clip Light

Put your grad in the limelight on graduation day by giving him the perfect light for his dorm room! Afterall, your grad will need proper lighting to read textbooks and study without hurting his eyes. Gift this trendy light, which comes in pink or black, that is both stylish and functional. Designed to save space, this light clips on furniture and bed frames with ease, while the flexible chrome gooseneck can direct the light to where your grad needs it most. 

$17.99+ (30% Off!)

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Classic Sherpa Lounge Chair in Snow

Relaxation is priceless, and gifting this sherpa lounge chair from UGG will allow your graduate to unwind from the stress of college classes in luxury. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, but will go a long way in keeping your student cozy in his new home away from home. It even features a side pocket as an added storage space!


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6.) Crystals

Did you know graduation and crystals have something in common? They both put good vibes into the universe! Many people believe crystals have healing properties, can boost low energy or block out bad energy, and can generally promote one’s overall well being. Even if you don’t fully buy into the healing properties promoted by crystal enthusiasts, they are certainly pretty to look at and make for some great jewelry to wear or treasures to display on a desk or bookshelf. 


Blue Moon Agate with Stand From BlondeBeeCreates

These Blue Moon Agate Crystals are handmade by BlondeBeeCreates, and are meant to symbolize love, abundance, wealth, and good luck. Each moon is about 5 inches in height, and comes with a stand so it’s ready to display on a nightstand or desk without taking up too much space. Agate is believed to enhance mental function, improve concentration and perception, and strengthen analytical abilities, which can only help an incoming college freshman. It is also said that Agate can be used to decrease anxiety and instill a sense of safety and security, which may help a more nervous grad adjust to a new dorm and new school.


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7.)  Upgraded Tech

Modern technology is extremely useful, but it is also typically too expensive for the average high school senior to afford. One major way you can set your high school grad up for collegiate success is by purchasing a new laptop for completing school work. If that purchase is too extravagant, consider other tech that may benefit your grad in day to day life. Voice controlled assistants, such as an Echo Dot or Google Home, or a Keurig setup for coffee and tea may be wonderful assets to bring to a dorm room or new apartment. If your grad is a fitness guru, consider purchasing a Fitbit or Smart Watch that tracks health data and suggests workout goals. 


Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

It’s common knowledge that most college students are fueled by coffee, especially during finals and midterms. Even if your graduate prefers tea or hot chocolate, it will be nice to have the option available in her room instead of having to trudge to the cafeteria every time. Keurig’s mini coffee maker comes in 6 fun colors, and is super compact to not take up valuable space. It’s energy efficient, and can quickly brew 6 ounce and 12 ounce drinks. 


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Fitness and Activity Tracker with Built-in GPS

The Fitbit is known for serving dual roles as the perfect smartwatch and fitness tracker! Your student will always know what time it is to get to class on time, but her health will also benefit from the built-in GPS, heart rate tracker, and sleep tracker. Your loved one will be able to track workouts in real time with more than 20 goal based exercise modes. As an added bonus, this Fitbit purchase comes with a 90 day free trial to Fitbit Premium on the Fitbit app so your grad will really see all the amazing things her new Fitbit can do!

$98.95 (34% Off!)

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8.) New Shoes

Don’t let your graduate go off to his next adventure with shoes that are falling apart! New college students are likely to get a lot of steps in exploring their new stomping grounds, and a nice pair of shoes is an essential component of any outfit. As a pre-gift, you could even buy your grad a nice pair of shoes to wear during the graduation ceremony!


Adidas Stan Smith Shoes

You can never go wrong with a classic pair of white shoes, especially when they come from Adidas! The Stan Smith Shoes are a pretty, understated white sneaker that your grad can use every day. Whether your grad is out on the town with new friends, working out, or hustling to class, these shoes will be up for the challenge! Not only do these minimalist sneakers match every outfit, they are environmentally friendly and made from recycled materials. 


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9.) New Bike

College campuses are big places that sometimes cover miles of land. Depending on the campus, it can take more than 20 minutes to get from one end to the other. For high school grads that won’t be bringing a car along to university, a bike is a great alternative for getting around quickly. Plus, riding a bike is fun and excellent exercise! 


Men's Highland 26" Mountain Bike

Your new college student will ride to class in style and be ready to enjoy the great outdoors on weekends with this amazing mountain bike! The bike’s metallic gray frame is adorned with deep blue and white stripes, and the steel frame is durable, tough, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty for good measure. With a hardtail frame equipped with front suspension and a raised handlebar designed for comfort, the Highland Bike can be ridden on trails, gravel, dirt or pavement.


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10.) Subscription Service

Subscription services will bring luxury and ease to your grad’s life, and will be the gift that keeps on giving. A themed monthly subscription box likely exists for whatever your grad’s passion happens to be, but you can also purchase subscriptions to streaming services for your student to enjoy at college. You may also want to consider paying for an Amazon Prime subscription, which will allow your grad to receive discounts on essential items and always ensure timely delivery from Amazon with urgent orders. 

11.) Bouquet of Cash 

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with cash! Your grad will be able to decide if he wants to save the money, put it toward supplies for college, or purchase a long coveted possession. But, why give money in a standard card when you can give the cash with an unforgettable twist? Money bouquets are all the rage, and can be made to suit any budget! These bouquets are available for purchase online, or you can make your own as a fun DIY project. 


Money Flower Bouquet of 12 Roses

Moneyleis4U is a famous store on Etsy that will handmake fabulous money bouquets for you! Each bouquet is made of crisp $1, $2, and $5 that are carefully folded to resemble roses. The total amount of money used for the bouquet equates to $100, which is a very generous gift for a high school grad! You also get to customize the bouquet by selecting your grad’s favorite colors to be incorporated into the bouquet’s theme during check out.


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It’s the thought that counts, and well thought out gifts are typically quite loved! When all is said and done, your grad will be grateful for your support during his high school career and on graduation day! You know your grad best, so any gift that comes from the heart is sure to make your scholar’s day a delight! 

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