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10 Items We Wish We Had In Our College Dorm!

Bed, Bath, and Beyond is your one-stop shop with everything you need to turn your student’s dorm room or apartment into a welcoming new home away from home!

Starting college is always an exciting and nerve-wracking time. While embarking on this new educational journey is a day many young adults look forward to, it also comes with big life changes and it may be the first time your child is moving away from home. You can help your student adapt more easily to college life by helping them create a comfortable living space that feels safe and homey. Even if this isn’t your student’s first year attending their university, it may be time for a dorm room or apartment refresh now that experience has taught them what they didn’t need to bring to their dorm and what they wished they had brought instead. 

Speaking of things we wish we had in college, there are so many cool tech, furniture, and accessories to make dorm-living a life of luxury compared to what was available when we went to college! Bed, Bath, and Beyond has a wide selection of college essentials and dorm room luxuries in stores and online, and even offers students 20% off every purchase through September 30th when you sign up for the College Savings Pass. Without further ado, check out 10 items we wish we had in our college dorm and that your student would love to have now!


Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Caffeine is fuel for college students, especially when those inevitable all-nighters occur during midterms and finals. Having 24/7 coffee access is extremely convenient so you don’t have to rely on cafeteria hours or spending money at coffee shops on or around campus. This Mini Keurig is extremely compact, making it easy to fit into a small dorm room. Plus, it also makes tea, hot chocolate, and specialty iced beverages so it’s still a great buy even if coffee isn’t your student’s drink of choice. 


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Pure EnrichmentPure Enrichment

Pure Enrichment PureZone Breeze Tabletop Air Purifier in White

This buy will keep your student feeling healthy so she can always stay on top of her school work and assignments. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, college dorms were hot spots for spreading cold and flu germs simply because of so many people living in close quarters. This air purifier has a True HEPA filter that allows it to remove 99.9% of the germs and particles that cause illness and allergies from the air in small rooms. This safe sanitation process makes being in the room healthier and enjoyable because the cleaned air is more breathable. Plus, you’ll hardly know it’s there because this air purifier cleans quietly and is tiny enough to fit on a desk. 


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SALT Mesh Shower Tote

Whether your student is sharing a bathroom with roommates or an entire floor, a shower tote is a great tool to stay organized and keep track of personal belongings. The strong and sturdy tote is made of waterproof mesh that dries quickly, and has plenty of space to hold all of her shower essentials and toiletries. We are a particularly big fan of the attached see-through phone case that protects cell phones from water and allows students to keep their phone on them in communal bathroom settings without worrying about damage or theft. 

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Therapedic Cooling Gel & Memory Foam Bed Pillow

The mattresses provided by colleges aren’t always the most comfortable, but your student will have no trouble sleeping soundly once he has a Therapedic Pillow under his head! Science shows that feeling cool helps us sleep more soundly, and the cooling gel inside this pillow will keep your student at the perfect temperature all night long. This is particularly nice in the warmer months if the dorm doesn’t have an air conditioner! 


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Kikkerland DesignKikkerland Design

Kikkerland Design 100 LED Mini Bulb White Lights

Magically illuminate your college dorm room with these mini fairy lights from Kikkerland Design! Instead of studying under harsh, bright lights, imagine curling up with a good book or comfortably pursuing your notes for a test under the soft glow of these whimsical bulbs. Each purchase comes with 100 clear LED mini lights, and are battery operated with a simple on and off switch. 


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Simply EssentialSimply Essential

Simply Essential Bed Lift with Outlets and USB Ports (Set of 4)

When sharing a dorm room with other people, common problems to run into are lack of storage and not enough plugs to go around. This purchase will solve both. The bed risers raise the bed by nearly a foot, providing necessary room for storage under the bed. The bed risers come with 2 USB ports and 2 outlets that are built-in to provide more places to charge and plug in electronics and lighting. 


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Squared AwaySquared Away

Squared Away Arrow Weave Underbed Bags in Gray (Set of 2)

Speaking of storage, these understated gray bags fit neatly under a dorm room bed to provide additional storage while remaining out of sight. The compact design is perfect for holding items like clothing, shoes, books, photos, and more. The bags zip close to protect items from dirt and to prevent things from falling onto the floor, and can fold completely flat when not in use for compact storage. 


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Simply EssentialSimply Essential

Simply Essential Plush Shag Accent Rug

An accent rug is a really nice way to add a pop of color to a dorm room and make it feel a bit more like home. This rug comes in various colors, so your student will be able to choose her favorite color. The ultra-soft tufted fabric is incredibly comfortable to walk on, and it can make a comfortable surface for study sessions that seem most productive spread out on the floor. What makes this rug even more special is its resilient, stain resistant qualities that will keep it looking fresh and fun throughout your student’s entire college career. 


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iHome Led Desk Lamp with Flex Neck & 5-Watt Qi Wireless Charging in White

Some colleges provide subpar lighting in dorm rooms, while others won’t provide any lighting at all. Even if decent lighting is provided, students may still need additional light while studying or on a nightstand close to the bed. This ultra-modern desk lamp from iHome features a sleek design with a flexible head and neck that allows students to find the perfect lighting angle. It uses a multi-temperature LED white light that adjusts to create optimal lighting conditions for using the computer, reading, studying, and more. It also has a built-in wireless phone charger, making it beyond convenient to charge your smartphone while studying or overnight.


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UGG Miley Faux Fur Backrest Pillow

In addition to being a fashionable dorm room accessory, this adorable pillow from Ugg provides soothing back and arm support after a long day of classes and carrying around a heavy backpack. It’s perfect for lounging anywhere around a dorm, or for providing comfort and support during study sessions on a couch or bed. This ultra-soft pillow comes in trendy light pink and neutral gray colors that will help it easily fit into any dorm room aesthetic your student hopes to create. 


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