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10 Cell Phones That Will Help You Get Back To The Basics

If you’re overwhelmed by too many smartphone apps and social media, it’s time to choose a phone that goes back to the basics.

What if we told you your cell phone didn’t have to be quite so smart? While smartphones are typically the cell phone of choice these days, it’s not the only option out there and there are many reasons to opt out of owning a smartphone. Phones were initially meant for calling and texting, and some people are making a conscious lifestyle choice to get back to the basics. The average amount of time people have spent using their smartphones and spending time on social media averages at nearly 3 hours a day and continues to increase every year. This can be harmful both physically and emotionally due to incidents of anxiety and depression caused by social media and headaches triggered by too much exposure to the blue light emitted by our screens. Therefore, some people are opting to trade in their smartphones for something that just has the basics to avoid temptations to use social media and spend their extra time focusing on more important things instead. 

Alternatively, today’s smartphones are essentially mini computers, and all the apps and features can get confusing or overwhelming. This is particularly true for elderly people who are not necessarily the most technologically savvy. Elderly people are not usually as interested in social media either, and just want a way to stay in touch with their loved ones and call for help in an emergency. They don’t always need or want all the extra apps and features, especially if it makes using the phone overly complicated. 

At the other end of the spectrum, younger children who are receiving their first cell phone really don’t need a smartphone. Most kids are only initially given cell phones for safety reasons. Choosing something more basic allows kids to stay in touch with their parents or guardians when out of the home or during an emergency. Introducing kids to social media or giving them unsupervised access to the internet too soon could trigger the onset of mental illnesses or expose them to predators lurking on the worldwide web. In both of these cases, choosing a phone that gets back to the basics is the best choice. Whether you want to simplify your own life or are cell phone shopping for a child or elderly loved ones, these wonderful cell phones will help you get back to the basics and live your best life. 


Lively - Jitterbug Smart2 Smartphone

The goal of the Jitterbug Smart2 Smartphone is to add simplicity to cell phones while keeping the popular look of modern smartphones. It has one large screen with a simple menu for making phone calls, sending texts, emailing, and getting directions. Along with enlarged menu icons and text, the simplicity of this phone makes it a first choice for seniors or people with impaired eyesight. Depending on which service package you choose, you can also add in Lively’s 24/7 health and safety services to make your phone your personal safety device. 


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Lively Flip Cell Phone For Seniors

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use phone for your parents or grandparents, Lively’s Flip Cell Phone is made specifically with the needs of elderly people in mind. Key features include a large screen, big buttons, a simple menu, and an urgent response button on the keyboard to ensure help comes quickly in an emergency. The phone’s owner will also have access to a friendly operator 24/7 that can help with daily tasks, such as getting directions, or troubleshoot difficulties using the cell phone. 


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Easyfone Prime-A1 Senior Flip Phone with Charging Dock

The Prime-A1 Flip Phone is another easy-to-use choice with seniors in mind. Most notable is this phone is compatible with most hearing aids to prevent distracting electronic feedback from happening during phone calls. It also features large icons and text, a big screen that is easy to read, a special SOS button for emergencies, and comes with an old-school charging dock. 


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Gabb Wireless Gabb Wireless

Gabb Z2 Phone: The Safe Phone For Kids

As early as elementary school, parents need a way to keep in touch with their children and contact them in emergencies. However, parents also don’t want cell phones to cause a distraction in school or expose kids to the dangerous sides of the internet or social media. Therefore, Gabb designed a cell phone specifically for kids that doesn’t have access to social media, the internet, or games. It’s sole purpose is just to make and receive phone calls to give parents and guardians peace of mind. 


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Nokia Nokia

Nokia - 225 (Unlocked) - Classic Blue

The Nokia 225 4G Cell Phone is a great choice if you are looking for clear call quality, a high quality built-in camera, and entertainment. Although this phone has a more basic design that you may recall from the early days of cell phones, it does have many of the features of modern cell phones, including access to social media. However, this phone really shines when it comes to entertainment. It can access FM radio, has multi-player gaming abilities, and comes with Snake already installed, which is a beloved cell phone game. 


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Nokia 3310 3G - Unlocked Single SIM Feature Phone

Although this is one of the more expensive basic phones that Nokia offers, it is the leading basic phone when it comes to entertainment. It’s highly reviewed for its retro user interface, long battery life, and significant amount of storage (128MB). It’s compatible with bluetooth speakers, can connect to FM radio, or can play music like an MP3 player.


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Light Phone II - Distraction-Free Cell Phone

Meet the cell phone that combines modern technology and the basics perfectly. By focusing only on the necessities, the Light Phone takes a minimalist approach to creating smartphone technology. It has basic features to allow you to call, text, set alarms, update your calendar, and use your phone as a hotspot, but that’s about it! In order to help you live a distraction-free life, this phone will never have any social media, games, camera, or a designated internet browser. 


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Plum Ram 7 - Rugged 4G Unlocked Phone

The Plum Ram 7 is one of the overall best basic cell phones currently available. It has plenty of battery life to last a full day, an impact resistant display, and a built-in selfie camera to capture your memories as they happen. It’s bluetooth compatible, and can access FM radio and function as an MP3 music player for your enjoyment. 


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Kyocera DuraXV Extreme Ultra-Rugged Flip Phone

The Kyocera Ultra-Rugged Flip Phone is a basic cell phone and professional camera in one compact package. It takes shockingly crip photos and videos using the built-in autofocus camera. If you’re someone who drops your phone a lot, you’ll be glad to know this one is basically indestructible. In addition to being waterproof, it has military-grade durability to survive drops, falls, shocks, unusual vibrations, and extreme weather conditions. 


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ZTE Altair (2nd Gen) 3G Keyboard Phone

This basic phone is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile, and probably the best simple cell phone that still has easy texting capabilities. It comes with a full QWERTY Keyboard to make it easy to rapidly fire off messages to your friends and family. It has a long battery life, as well as basic apps for emailing, internet searches, calendar appointments, and a camera. 


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