One Eyed Dog
Cesar Milan
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Cesar 911

Witness Cesar Millan’s Worst Dog Bite Ever On Cesar 911!

Dog training expert Cesar Millan suffers a serious dog bite from a terrified, one-eyed dog!

It’s said that when you rescue a dog, you are truly saving that dog’s life. Many rescue dogs have only lived on the streets or known lives filled with neglect and abuse. When these dogs find their forever homes, they often have a lot of fears that they need to work through now that they are in a safe and loving environment. It can take time for their new pet parents to win their trust, but patience and love lead to a priceless lifelong bond. 

On this episode of “Cesar 911,” we are introduced to a one-eyed dog named Duk Duk. This poor rescue dog has clearly been through a lot and can’t seem to escape the fear that consumes him. Duk Duk is scared of having his leg touched and is afraid of his muzzle, among many other things. His fear often causes him to aggressively lash out at anyone who comes near him because he thinks he needs to protect himself. Duk Duk has bitten many people, including his well-meaning owner. And now, he has bitten Cesar hard enough to draw blood! 

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Duk Duk’s intense fear and aggressive behavior were enough to bring Cesar to Hong Kong to try to help this terrified rescue dog. And he didn’t arrive a second too soon! Cesar quickly sees that everything he or the dog owner asks of Duk Duk results in the animal violently fighting back, likely because Duk Duck falsely assumes they are trying to harm him. Cesar realizes that Duk Duk’s owner is in a highly dangerous situation and he must separate her from her aggressive dog for her own safety. Cesar’s mission will be to earn Duk Duk’s trust and respect in order to help the terrified rescue dog understand that he and his loving pet parent aren’t trying to hurt him. In fact, they only have his best interests in mind! 

Cesar decides he will take Duk Duk back to his hotel to work with the dog one-on-one. Of course, just getting Duk Duk into Cesar’s car is a battle in and of itself. But Cesar is able to turn the process of getting the scared dog into the car into a learning experience for both Duk Duk and his pet parent. Duk Duk’s dog mom gets to experience one small victory before her unpredictable dog goes on to train with Cesar alone. 

At the hotel, Duk Duk is very nervous but seems to experience a breakthrough during a dangerous muzzle exercise with Cesar. Despite being afraid of his muzzle, Duk Duk shows great trust in allowing Cesar to take his muzzle on and off despite his fear. Since he’s making progress with Duk Duk, Cesar decides to test the dog’s limits even more by touching his sensitive leg. Duk Duk immediately attacks Cesar. The scared dog bites Cesar hard, drawing blood and sending the experienced animal trainer back to the drawing board. 
Sometimes, dog training is a one-step forward, two steps back kind of process. Even the most experienced dog trainers sometimes make mistakes and push dogs beyond their comfort zones before they are ready. This just means that Cesar will need to take a few steps back in his training and go extra slowly to make progress with this terrified dog. 

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