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Cesar Milan
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Cesar 911

The One Time Cesar Millan Failed to Train a Dog

Cesar Millan meets a pit bull who can’t be rehabilitated enough to justify letting her stay in her current home.

Throughout his career, Cesar Millan has rehabilitated aggressive dogs all over the world. As an expert dog trainer, he rarely finds a dog he can’t help. But a pit bull named Roxy has done what we all thought was impossible: she stumped Cesar. 

On this episode of “Cesar 911,” we are introduced to Keith, Natalie, their three adorable children, and of course, Roxy. The family called Cesar for help after Roxy viciously attacked another dog. If Roxy were to instigate another dog fight, the family could be forced to put their beloved dog down. But unfortunately, Cesar can’t see a reality where Roxy would be successful staying in her current home. 

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Normally, Cesar’s goal is to rehabilitate dogs and teach pet parents how to be better leaders. When his training is complete, Cesar returns the dog to its current family and they get to live happily ever after. But in this case, the best thing the family can do for their pit bull is to let her go. 

Natalie and Keith just can’t handle a dog this powerful and aren’t able to manage her behavior, especially while also wrangling three young kids. Keith even remarked that Roxy’s behavior has just been progressively disintegrating in their home. The family can’t go on living a life of stress and fear surrounding what Roxy will do next. And ultimately, Roxy isn’t living her best life either. 

Although it’s not the outcome anyone was hoping for, Cesar decides that the best course of action is for him to take Roxy permanently. Cesar will continue to rehabilitate her, and will either find Roxy a forever home that better suits her personality or keep her as a member of his pack for the rest of her life. 

At the end of the day, Roxy was placed with the wrong family. Their needs and personalities weren’t compatible, even though they clearly loved Roxy very much and she loved them, too. All dogs have unique personalities, and sometimes they just aren’t a match no matter how much you want them to be a part of your family. But because they loved Roxy so much, they decided to do the hard thing instead of the easy thing and let her go. Even though it hurts, her family agreed with Cesar that the best thing they could do for their dog was to give her a chance at a better life. Of course, they know Roxy will be in good hands with Cesar and his pack at his dog psychology center. 

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