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Neighbors Want This Small But Vicious Dog Put Down

Cesar Millan faces an uphill task in rehabilitating this dog that the neighbors want put down. Can he save this dog?

Misty was once a sweet, family dog. Alyssa and Steven brought Misty home as a puppy for their daughter, Lauren, who has always wanted a dog. But when Misty was around 4 months old, she went through a nasty mood swing that never seemed to end! Now, Misty attacks and bites her family, creating a dangerous living situation. Alyssa and Steven called 3 other dog trainers to try to help Misty before calling on Dog Expert Cesar Millan as a last resort. Had Cesar also been unsuccessful in his rehabilitation, Misty would have been put to sleep for the safety of the people around her. In this episode of “Cesar 911,” Cesar’s rehabilitation of Misty is literally life saving. 

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While rehabilitating Misty, Cesar discovers that the dog is extremely insecure. Misty’s violent outbursts are a result of that insecurity. Instead of euthanizing Misty, Cesar takes her to his dog psychology center to work on building her self esteem in different situations.  Cesar is able to show Misty’s family how to cultivate an environment of trust and respect, which she needs to feel happy and secure. 

In order to take Misty to his dog psychology center, Cesar had to transport her in his car, making this a great opportunity to think about car safety for our own pets. Even if we are not driving our dogs every day, there are still occasions where they need to go to vet or grooming appointments, or trips to the dog park. We have to protect our pets from injury in the event of sudden stops or an unfortunate accident, and prevent our dogs from distracting the driver. In addition, there are steps you can take to make a good car ride a great car ride for your furry friend! 


Use a seat belt for your dog. 

Just like people, dogs are safer when they wear a seat belt. The seat belt will prevent your dog from traversing your car while you are trying to drive. It will also prevent your dog from trying to jump out the window, should they see the perfect bird or squirrel to chase. Arguably most important, seat belts will keep your dog from going flying should you have to break hard, or find yourself in a fender bender. 

That said, always make sure to attach the seat belt to a body or chest harness and not to the collar around your dog’s neck. If your dog were to fall off the seat, such as in a sudden stop or because he is feeling extra playful, the seat belt could hurt his neck or become a choking hazard. Connecting the seat belt to a harness eliminates these safety hazards. 


PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Seat Belt Tether

Keep your dog safe and secure during car rides with PetSafe’s seat belt tether. All you have to do is loop the tether through your car’s seat belt and clip it onto your pet’s harness. Plus, this seat belt is adjustable, which means it’s suitable for both big dogs and small dogs. 

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VavoPaw Dog Vehicle Safety Vest Harness

This harness is specifically designed to keep your pet safe in the car! The vest is soft and comfortable to wear, but also built to be sturdy enough to protect your pet during emergencies. The D-ring on the back of the harness makes it extra easy to attach your dog to a seat belt in the car. 

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Help your dog into the car. 

If you have an older dog or a small dog, simply getting in the car may prove to be a challenge. Lifting your pet in and out of the car every single time can quickly become tiresome, especially if you suffer from back or joint problems. Make getting in the car easier for everyone by using a portable ramp, or even portable stairs. Simply put out the ramp, and let your pup waltz right into your car. 

Pet GearPet Gear

Pet Gear Full Length Tri-Fold Pet Ramp

Make getting in the car easy for your pet, especially if they are a senior or on the smaller side. When installed correctly, rubber grips on the bottom of the ramp keep it sturdy, and prevents sliding. The ramp also comes with a carry handle to enhance portability, and folds up flat for easy storage while not in use. This ramp could even be used to help your pet navigate small flights of stairs, such as porch steps! 

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Pet Gear Easy StepPet Gear Easy Step

Pet Gear Easy Step

If your pet needs an extra boost to get in the car, or is too short to join you on the couch or in your bed, these stairs are a great solution. The steps are designed to limit unnecessary strain on your dog’s joints, and are easy to clean and assemble.

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Prevent car sickness. 

If your dog suffers from car sickness, there are steps you can take to keep him from getting sick. First, try to avoid feeding your pet directly before traveling. Having an empty stomach may help keep nausea at bay. 

It’s also important to understand why your dog is becoming car sick. If you have a puppy or small dog, the problem may be that he is getting dizzy and disoriented, especially if he is too small to see out any of the windows. One way to correct this is to get raised padding, or a dog booster seat, so that your dog can see out of the windows and reorient himself. Making sure your pet is facing forward during the ride can also prevent dizziness. 

American Kennel Club Pet Booster SeatAmerican Kennel Club Pet Booster Seat

American Kennel Club Pet Booster Seat

The American Kennel Club booster seat is designed to keep your pet safe, and to prevent car sickness. It comes with a built in leash that can attach to your pet’s harness, to keep your pup safe and secure. Your pet will be able to enjoy the scenery as you drive, while sitting comfortably on the memory foam cushion in the booster seat. 

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Pet Gear Medium Car BoosterPet Gear Medium Car Booster

Pet Gear Medium Car Booster

The pet booster is perfect for small dogs who would love to see out the window! Your pet will be both cozy and safe. This is because the booster seat comes with a seat belt for your dog, as well as a pillow and cover that can be easily removed for cleaning. 

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Make the ride extra comfortable.

Dogs who love car rides are comfortable in the car. If you will be driving for an extended period of time, or taking your pup along for a road trip, you may want to take extra steps to enhance his comfort. One simple way to do this is by laying down padding or a blanket for your dog. Your pup will be extra cozy, and your backseat will be protected from shedding and dirty paws. 

However, you could always get more elaborate with your comfort options. For dogs who like to lay down, a backseat hammock could be a great addition to your car. The hammock protects your pup from falling off the seat or sliding around, so he can rest safely and peacefully. 


PetSafe Happy Ride Car Seat Dog Bed Bucket

Keep your pet comfortable in the car, and protect your back seat from unwanted fur and muddy paw prints your pet may leave behind. The bed is designed for car rides, so that the bed won’t move around while the vehicle is in motion. In addition, the design of the soft microsuede lining and the overstuffed bolster cushion may help relieve anxiety in nervous travelers.

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OKMEE Convertible Dog HammockOKMEE Convertible Dog Hammock

OKMEE Convertible Dog Hammock

This luxury seat cover for dogs can serve several different purposes, one of which is being a cozy hammock to let your pets rest safely during car rides. It also includes a mesh window, which provides your pet with good air circulation, and allows you and your dog to see each other at all times.

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Install a barrier. 

If your pup likes to climb all over the car, or even on top of the driver, there are different barriers you can use to keep your dog safely in place. For example, a dog guard can be placed in the trunk of your car. The ideal guard is bolted to the roof and floor of your car, which prevents your dog from climbing onto the driver or being thrown forward in an accident. However, your dog will still have some room to move around and will be able to see you, so he will not feel alone. A similar barrier can be installed in your back seat, instead of in your trunk, depending on owner preference and the size of the dog. 

When in doubt, confident dogs can also ride in a crate in the trunk of your car. If your dog is good at staying relaxed, this method of transportation should still be enjoyable. However, it is important to make sure the crate is the right size for your dog. Ideally, the crate should have enough room for your dog to stand up and turn around, but not be excessively large. 

Jumbl PetsJumbl Pets

Jumbl Pets Heavy-Duty Adjustable Car & SUV Dog Barrier

If your pet loves to climb all over your car, or tries to distract the driver with cuddles, this dog barrier could help keep you both safer! The barrier will contain your pet to just the back or cargo space in your car, keeping your dog safer and preventing distractions. The barrier is designed to be see-through to eliminate blind spots, and to allow you and your dog to be able to see each other and communicate. The barrier also features protective pads to prevent damage to your car during the easy installation process. 

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As Cesar Millan shows us in this episode, we should work on understanding our dogs instead of giving up on them. In Misty’s case, taking the time to understand her insecurities saved her life. When you take your pup to and from training, or bring them along for life’s adventures, it’s important to keep them safe in the car as well. Safety is essential for giving our pets the long, happy lives they deserve! 

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