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Meet The 7 Worst Dogs Who Have Almost Broken Up Their Families on Cesar 911

Watch as 7 out-of-control dogs tear apart their families with the extreme severity of their bad behavior!

By: Catie Kovelman, Updated 02/12/2022 

Adopting a new dog is supposed to be a joyous occasion for families. For some couples, adopting a fur baby is a step they want to take before they have kids of their own. For others, it’s a chance to teach their kids responsibility while allowing them to develop the oh so special bond that children and their pets feel. Other couples and families simply have the love in their hearts that drives them to rescue dogs and give them a life of unconditional love and fun! But what happens when the cute pup your family brings home seems more like an aggressive demon than a sweet dog? 

While the obvious solution might be to rehome the dog, not everyone in the family will always agree with that option. When you bring home a new dog, you are ideally committing to that dog for life. So even when the dogs start biting the children and ruining relationships, dedicated pet parents still want to fight to save their pet and their family. This is where dog expert Cesar Millan comes in. 

As a world-famous dog trainer, Cesar Millan has encountered more than his fair share of nasty or aggressive dogs that are ruining their owners’ lives. In fact, Cesar shows how he often transforms these nasty terrors into the perfect pets on episodes of “Cesar 911”. But some pets' behavioral issues are so bad we have to wonder if they are beyond saving, or at least their owners’ relationships will be if nothing changes. Join us as we go for a walk down memory lane to relive some of the worst moments with the top 7 horrible dogs that destroyed their owners’ relationships and ripped apart families. As each dog will take the severity of the bad behavior up a notch, you’ll have to read and watch until the very end to see which dog wins the title of the worst of the worst! 

1.) These Feuding Siblings: 

Nicole is the proud owner of Auggie, whom she believes is generally a very sweet and well behaved dog. Meanwhile, Nicole’s brother Brad owns Kimo, a small dog that couldn’t possibly have a problem in Brad’s mind. But whenever Nicole and Brad bring their dogs together, Auggie and Kimo start to fight and chaos ensues. Both Nicole and Brad believe the other sibling’s dog is responsible for the fighting. If these dogs can’t learn to co-exist peacefully together, Nicole and Brad’s relationship could soon suffer irreparable damage. 

2.) A Marriage On The Rocks: 

To put it in Randy’s own words, “I have a dog that’s ruining my marriage!”. Everytime Randy tries to go near his wife, Denise, the couple’s dog attacks him. When Randy is home alone with Schnoopy, the little pup transforms into the picture of sweetness. But as soon as Denise walks through the door, Schnoopy is out for Randy’s blood and will bite, lunge, and growl anytime this poor man tries to interact with his wife. The situation is so bad that either Randy or Schnoopy will have to go if nothing changes. 

3.) A Restaurant In Jeopardy: 

Takis and his wife, Joanne, are a Greek power couple who own Frisco’s Bar & Grill. All is peaceful until Takis shows up at the restaurant with his three out-of-control bichons. These wild little dogs bark like maniacs, pull on their leashes, knock things over, and terrorize other diner patrons. At home, the chaos continues because Takis puts his little dogs over the needs and wishes of his wife. While Takis feels that the dogs just have a “Greek temper” and should have a larger than life personality like he does, his wife and the restaurant staff are desperate for Takis to discipline the little dogs. 

4.) The Dog Who Almost Evicted His Owner:

Sometimes our friends become the family we create, even if they are not related to us by blood. That’s the case for Sarah, who has a sister-like bond with her roommates Andrea and Erica. But unfortunately, Erica and Andrea don’t feel any sort of family bond or love for Sarah’s out-of-control Boston Terrier, Moes. Tired of being terrorized in their own home by Moes’ bad behavior, roommates Andrea and Erica call on Cesar Millan for help as a last-ditch effort. If Cesar can’t get Moes’ chaotic behavior under control, Andrea and Erica are ready to tell Sarah and her dog to start packing, even if that means their years of friendship come to an end.

5.) This Ended Relationship:

In this “me or the dog situation,” it looks like the dog won! Aileen’s pit bull Titan is so out of control that it actually ended her relationship with her boyfriend. Aileen felt like Titan has never really been a manageable dog, which can be scary for everyone involved when a dog of that size and strength is out of control. Naturally, Aileen felt stressed all the time and that stress turned into anger when she felt her boyfriend didn’t help her manage Titan’s behavior correctly. Ultimately, Aileen decides to dedicate herself to Titan’s training and admits her relationship had to end to improve Titan’s wellbeing. 

6.) The Dog Who Doesn’t Respect His Elders: 

After his parents’ nasty separation, 14-year-old Nick and his beloved chihuahua terrier mix, Target, had to move in with his grandmother. But ever since Nick and Target moved into their new home 6 months ago, Target had been out to get Nick’s grandmother. Every time Nick’s grandma tries to show Target love, the little dog growls and tries to bite her. Nick’s Grandma knows that he has lost a lot in his parents’ separation and she doesn’t want her grandson to have to say goodbye to his beloved dog, but she’s at her wit’s end. Either something has to change ASAP, or Target will have to go. 

7.) The Dog Who Bit A Child:

Meet Gunny. This aggressive dog wins the title for the worst of the worst in our book! Not only does Gunny try to attack the horses, other dogs, and employees at the barn where his owner works, but he’s also bitten her young son multiple times. One of the bites was so severe that it put the child in the hospital! The owner’s husband thinks the dog should be put down because it’s his responsibility as a father to protect his son from the violent animal. Meanwhile, the owner views the dog as her baby and refuses to let anything happen to Gunny. All in all, this family is truly being torn apart by the dog’s dangerous behavior. 

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