Titan Breakup
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A Couple Breaks Up Over a Raging Pitbull - Cesar 911

Dog training expert Cesar Millan steps in to tame an out of control pitbull, and helps develop proper boundaries between dog and master.

Titan the pit bull is aptly named. Not only is he strong and powerful like a titan, but his bad behavior and aggressive outbursts are enough to end the relationship between his owners, Aileen and Brent. While her relationship with Brent isn’t salvageable, Aileen is willing to do anything in her power to save her relationship with her dog. With nowhere else to turn, Aileen calls in dog expert Cesar Millan for help with Titan. Watch below to see how Cesar helps remake Titan into a calm, loving pet. 

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Since Brent and Aileen were never able to present a united front when training and disciplining Titan, the pitbull was confused by no clear boundaries. Dogs thrive on routine and rules, and in their absence, dogs may misbehave or try to become alpha themselves. Before Aileen is ready to take Titan home from the dog psychology center, she has to prove to Cesar that she can be the leader Titan needs. 

Luckily, Aileen is able to become the ideal owner for Titan. She develops her leadership skills by walking Cesar’s pack of 6 dogs, all the while maintaining her role as alpha at the front of the pack. Aileen also learns patience, and to read Titan’s body language to know when Titan is showing calm, submissive behavior. After Aileen passes the ultimate test of putting Titan in his crate, something she struggled to do before, Cesar decides Aileen is ready to take Titan home. 

Did you know that it is fairly common for a new dog to become a point of contention in relationships? If one partner doesn’t want the dog, there are disagreements in training, or one person gets stuck with most of the work, hard feelings can start to bubble under the surface. Dogs who have behavioral issues to work through can add even more strain to a relationship. Before losing hope or breaking up like Aileen and Brent did, here are some tips that could save your relationship: 

Communicate with your partner. 

Communicate with your partner about how you are feeling, as well as your ideas and plans for how you want to train your dog. Consider how you will create boundaries, and what rules you want to put in place for your dog to follow. It’s important that you have these conversations in order to present a united front when it comes to training your dog. As Cesar showed Aileen, dogs need to have strong leadership to rely on. If you don’t have that leadership, or you both train the dog differently, your dog may become confused, and even aggressive. 

Don’t give up. 

Don’t give up or give into your dog’s bad behavior too easily. Your dog needs to see that you are in charge, and you won’t let them get away with being naughty. Remember that training is a process that requires time and patience, although there usually is a solution to most problems your pet may have through training. 

For example, if a dog is overly possessive of one owner and doesn’t let the other owner come close, train the dog to “leave it” or teach the dog to go to its bed or crate when you want to spend time together, or simply need the clingy dog to back off. 

Use “pawsitive” reinforcement training.

Always make a point to reward your dog for good behavior. When your dog is repeatedly rewarded for a certain behavior, he will begin to understand that the behavior is desired and associate it as a good thing. In addition, it is always a smart idea to end training sessions on a positive note to leave both the dog and owners feeling good and productive. 

Hire an outside trainer for help.

If you and your partner are stumped on how to help an unruly dog, it is never a bad idea to hire an expert dog trainer to guide you. For example, Cesar was able to teach Aileen to read Titan’s body language in ways she could not on her own. Once she was able to communicate with Titan on a deeper level and understand how he was feeling, their relationship significantly improved. If you have found that you aren’t making progress with your dog, a trainer could bring in a new perspective and expert knowledge to help you. 

Just like Aileen and Brent, many couples are surprised by how bringing home a new dog changes their relationship. For some couples, their new pet strengthens their bond as a couple. Sometimes, the new dog is like a fur baby, and partners are happy with how well they work as a team, or identify qualities that will make them good parents later in life. But if the new dog instead adds stress, anxiety, and chaos to your normally loving relationship, try to look at your situation from a different perspective to find a solution that keeps everyone safe and happy. 

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