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Cesar Steps in After Dog’s Violent Behavior Leads to Attack on Owner’s Son

If you’re bit by a dog, there are immediate steps you should take.

It sounds like a recipe for disaster: a rottweiler who antagonizes horses and a bulldog who goes on the attack. Owner Jim calls on Cesar to see if he can step into this precarious situation. Their rottweiler, even in his playful manner, will cause the family’s horses to become fearful. This has led to their clients being thrown off of horses -- not great for business. Once the rottweiler acts this way, the bulldog, Gunny, becomes aggressive and attacks. The two dogs have gotten into vicious fights leading to blood and puncture wounds.

Gunny in particular is worrisome. The dog attacked and bit Jim’s 3-year-old son’s hand. His son’s hand needed to be drained and operated on. Another time, Gunny went from lying next to Jim to launching at his son’s throat. Thankfully, Jim was there to pull Gunny back, preventing a near death experience for his son. “When a dog goes after a throat, that’s a kill,” Cesar says.

Can Cesar step in and show Gunny who’s boss? Check out the clip below.

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Cesar uses a quick jab at the dog’s leg, which he explains is what dog’s do to each other to establish themselves within the pack. Confused, Gunny runs away. Cesar continues with the follow-through correction, transforming Gunny’s aggressive demeanor to a calm and obedient one.

If you or a loved one is attacked by a dog, you’ll want to proceed quickly to avoid infection. The Cleveland Clinic offers advice on what to do:

- Wash the wound with mild soap and water.
- Use a clean cloth to slow the bleeding.
- Apply over-the-counter antibiotic cream.
- Wrap the wound in a bandage.
- See your doctor.
- Change the bandage several times a day.
- Be on the lookout for redness, swelling, and increased pain, as signs of infection.

Of course, if the bite is extreme, call 911 immediately.

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