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Cesar Millan’s Pit Bull Junior Gets Violently Attacked!

Even after this lab mix attacks Junior, dog trainer Cesar Millan remains determined to help this dangerous dog overcome her aggression.

Whenever there is a dog fight, people always assume that there must be a vicious pit bull at fault. But this time, it was a pit bull who got attacked by a labrador retriever mix named Tosha! After bestowing a severe dog bite upon an innocent neighbor, Joe and Diana bring Tosha to Cesar’s dog training center to prevent any future incidents. If Tosha bites again, her pet parents could be forced to euthanize her. 

As he has many times before, Cesar calls upon his pit bull Junior to assist him in Tosha’s training. Although he may be a pit bull, Junior is a level-headed, well-behaved dog who has helped Cesar assess and improve dog-to-dog socialization and interaction. But on this episode of “Cesar 911,” things don’t go according to the usual plan. During their first introduction, Tosha viciously attacks Junior. Watch the violent altercation below! 

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Thankfully, Cesar is able to regain order quickly and neither dog is hurt. In fact, the dog attack actually gave Cesar insight into the reason behind Tosha’s extreme aggression. Tosha isn’t attacking because she is a mean or evil dog, but rather because she is trying to protect Diana from other humans and dogs that she sees as threats. 

Now that Cesar has discovered a reason for Tosha’s horrible behavior, he can provide a solution. Joe and Diana have to display leadership in order to show Tosha they don’t need her protection. Additionally, the pet parents need to teach their dog to “detach” from them and learn social space. Instead of always touching her owners and sitting on top of their feet, Tosha needs to learn to relax away from her humans. By adding distance between Tosha and her owners, Cesar eliminates Tosha’s urge to go on the attack to protect them. 

Additionally, let this be a reminder not to judge a dog by its breed. Pit bulls have a bad reputation for being dangerous, but in this case, it wasn’t the pit bull who did the attacking. Dogs of every breed can be sweet and submissive or aggressive and dangerous. And even the kindest of dogs can have a bad day and snap when triggered. You always have to evaluate the circumstances and the individual dog’s personality when making assumptions. Becoming a knowledgeable pet parent with a good understanding of animal training and body language will help you evaluate and handle potentially problematic situations correctly. 

If you are ever in a situation where you have to break up a dog fight, make sure to do so carefully and prioritize your own safety first. If you cannot intervene safely on your own, don’t attempt to do so and get help. Thankfully, everything worked out this time and Junior and Tosha even began showing signs of a budding friendship! For more tips on how to prevent and break up dog fights from Cesar Millan, click here

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