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Cesar Millan’s Methods are CHALLENGED by a Skeptical Dog Owner

The Mayor of Westlake Village calls on Cesar Millan to help with his neighbor Marri’s dog, but she’s hesitant to cooperate.

Cesar Millan heads out to Westlake Village, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles, in order to rehabilitate Tasi, a German Shepherd mix that is lunging and attacking at other dogs. The stakes are high, since the dog has already attacked the Mayor and his daughter. However, upon arrival, Cesar is caught off guard by the lack of cooperation from Tasi’s owner Marri. 

Cesar 911 Tasi

“She’s not holding the dog properly! Look at that!”

Cesar starts off by viewing Marri and Tasi from afar so he can get a sense of how bad the dog’s behavior is, and how the owner acts when he is not around. Needless to say, it is not good, as Tasi is seen lunging at other dogs. 

Cesar 911 Tasi

“You need me, Mayor!” 

We find out that George and Marri Thomas were in the market for a new dog, and found a black German Shepherd on Craigslist. 

“I happened to be looking on Craigslist…”

George lets out a huge sigh. 

Cesar 911 Tasi

“That was your first mistake. Nothing good comes out of Craigslist!”

George explains that Tasi is quite well-tempered at home, but all hell breaks loose once they take her on a walk. 

Cesar 911 Tasi

“Tasi goes from zero to explosion - there is no in-between.” 

“Tasi has bitten the Mayor and his daughter. My worst fear would be the Mayor of Westlake Village sees Tasi bite somebody, and we would have to put her down.” 

Cesar Millan proposes that he takes Tasi for a short walk in order to calm her down, but Marri is immediately skeptical. 

Cesar 911 Tasi

“Do you see how she’s calming down?” asks Cesar. 

Cesar 911 Tasi

“Wait til you see a dog,” argues Marri. 

Cesar Millan, never shying away from a challenge, approaches a large husky with Tasi. By channeling calm and assertive energy, Tasi approaches and submits. 

Cesar 911 Tasi

“The big difference is what Tasi feels from ME vs. her own owner,” states Cesar. 

“When I first saw them, Tasi was excited and pulling Marri all over the place. But instead of correcting the behavior, Ms. Marri just panicked and yanked on the leash which only made the dog worse,” Cesar continues. 

However, even after seeing Cesar correct Tasi immediately, Marri is not convinced. 

Cesar 911 Tasi

“I want to see Peter’s dog go by,” says Marri in a challenging manner. 

Of course, Cesar agrees to Marri’s challenge. They arrange for their neighbor Peter’s small dog to walk by. 

Cesar 911 Tasi

To no one’s surprise, this small dog sets off Tasi, and Cesar is unable to get her under control immediately. However, Cesar Millan asks the owner to bring the small dog back so he could offer Tasi a correction. 

It works. 

Cesar demonstrates that each time Tasi decides to lunge he gives a quick pull on the leash to let her know that’s not the behavior he wants from her. 

By the end of the session and after a bunch of repetition, Cesar has Tasi under control in a calm, submissive state. 

Watch the full encounter below! 

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