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Cesar Millan Settles An Ongoing Dispute Between A Grandma And Her Grandson’s Aggressive Dog

Dog Trainer Cesar Millan intervenes to improve the relationship between a stressed grandmother and her teenage grandson’s fearful chihuahua.

You’ve likely heard the phrase “it’s me or the dog” uttered in a non-serious, jovial setting or in non-committal bursts of frustration. But for 14-year-old Nick and his Chihuahua Terrier Mix, Target, this simple phrase could become a frightening reality. Ever since moving in with Nick’s Grandma 6 months ago after his parents separated, Target has been acting out aggressively toward their host. Although Nick’s Grandma tries to show Target love, he always growls and snaps at her. Nick’s Grandma knows her grandson has lost a lot in his parents’ separation, but she is at her wits’ end, and is ready to send Target away for good. On this episode of Cesar 911 Cesar intervenes to save Target and Grandma’s relationship before it’s too late. 

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Cesar Millan listens to Nick and Target’s story with sympathy and compassion. Cesar even sees some of his own 16-year-old son reflected in Nick’s personality, and understands how much Nick loves Target. After learning about all the changes Nick and Target have undergone through his parents’ separation and moving to a new home, Cesar isn’t surprised that Target is having trouble adjusting to his new environment. Cesar quickly realizes that Target isn’t actually an aggressive dog. Instead, Target is simply terrified by all the changes. 

Cesar explains that “fearful dogs bite more than dominant dogs, and that’s exactly what is happening with Target because he doesn’t have trust.” Since the Grandma has become afraid of Target and his outbursts, Target senses her nervous energy and it only fuels his own fear and distrust. This has created a dangerous cycle of anxiety and stress for everyone in the home. In addition to this, Cesar notices that Target gives several warning signs before he bites, but Nick and his grandmother don’t know how to interpret them. 

Since Target is one of the most fearful dogs Cesar has ever met, Cesar decides he needs to undergo training at his Dog Psychology Center. Cesar plans to work with Target in a neutral setting in the hopes of replicating and correcting the little dog’s behaviors, and identifying his triggers. As hard as it is for Nick to see Cesar take his best furry friend away, he is comforted by Cesar’s reassurances that their lives are about to change for the better. 

Have you and your dog recently endured some major life changes? Here are some tips to help your fur baby adjust to a new routine. 

- Remember to be patient. Dogs don’t like change, and they don’t understand it like we do. Some dogs may adjust to a new routine in a matter of weeks, while others may need a few months. 

- Be as consistent with your dog’s new routine as possible, especially when a large change has suddenly occurred in his life. When your dog is feeling out of sorts, even feeding him breakfast 2 hours later than normal could stress him out. 

- Try to implement the new schedule or switch to the new routine gradually when possible. 

- While your dog is adjusting, add more bathroom breaks where you can, or consider using potty pads if your dog will be alone for longer than normal. 

- A tired dog is a happy dog. Help your dog burn excess energy and alleviate anxiety with more frequent or longer walks and play sessions. 

- Keep your dog mentally stimulated. Even when you have to leave your dog home alone, leave him with fun and interesting toys to keep him busy instead of bored. 

- If your dog is feeling anxious, treat his anxiety. For some dogs, playing soothing music or feeding them calming supplements may help. Other dogs may require a visit to the vet for prescription medication to help take the edge off. 

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