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Cesar Millan Reads a Pitbull’s Body Language and Exercises Caution

The owners state the dog is unpredictable and needs two leashes, but Cesar Millan is quick to recognize the contrary

by Benjamin H., 3/17/23

Cesar Millan visits Tasha, a violent pitbull that has a tendency to pounce and attack other dogs. We get some insight that this pitbull may be acting this way since she found out her owner Diana got sick, and has taken on a protector mindset. The last straw was when this dog violently attacked their neighbor Rose. After initially contacting animal control, Rose decided the next best course of action would be to call in Cesar Millan to intervene before Tasha attacks someone else, which may result in them ordering Tasha to be put to sleep. 

While spying on the owners who are walking Tasha in a park, Cesar IMMEDIATELY highlights an issue. 

“As soon as they get a little closer, I see TWO LEASHES.”

Cesar 911 - Two Leashes

The owners shockingly show up with two leashes on Tasha, and quite contrary to what their intent is, the two-leash arrangement is actually contributing to more violent outbursts. 

“We never know what she’s going to do. She’s unpredictable.”

Diana is at a loss, and states that they never know what Tasha is going to do next. 

However, Cesar completely disagrees. 

Cesar 911

“The owner said Tasha is unpredictable, but dogs are rarely unpredictable. The owner just needs to understand what Tasha is communicating.” 

In order to understand Tasha better, Cesar Millan uses his own trustworthy pitbull terrier, Junior, to identify what is going on. But before Cesar takes Tasha over to Junior, he quizzes the owner on what her hunched position may signify.

Cesar 911

She states: “She’s submissing.”

Cesar Millan quickly steps in and states that Tasha is actually demonstrating the OPPOSITE of submissiveness, and is actually in a hunting and pouncing position. 

“I think you have no clue what she’s saying, and that’s why you’re saying she’s unpredictable.”

He finally walks Tasha over to Junior, and as expected, she lunges at Junior. Cesar can take no more and asks his assistant to throw him a new leash, which is a slip lead, in order to gain control of the situation. 

Cesar 911

Cesar Millan recommends using a slip lead, and points out that this simple tool is what show dog owners use to maintain their dogs’ focus and attention. He places it high up near the pitbull's ears to let the dog continue looking forward, be able to sniff and still feel proud of their physical presence. 

The effect is immediate, highlighted by the fact that Tasha remains 100% calm while Junior introduces himself to her. 

Cesar 911

Watch the full encounter here: 

Cesar 911

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