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Cesar Millan Figures Out Why a Dachshund Keeps Ripping Up Its Carrier! | Cesar 911

A distraught pet parent is on her fourth (expensive) dog carrier, and wants to address this annoying behavior immediately!

Cesar 911 - Dachshund

Cesar Millan headed on tour across the world to meet his fans and address poor dog behaviors. While on a stop in Asia, he met a dog owner who has had enough with her dachshund! She comes to Cesar and tells him that she is on her fourth dog carrier because the dog keeps on ripping it apart! 

Cesar is quick to identify the issue. 

Cesar 911 - Dachshund

“Dachshunds were actually bred to burrow, to get prey or rodents away from a hole.”

“And because they are letting her go inside this bag with that hunting behavior - and since there’s nothing in there, she releases that on the bag!”

With Cesar’s understanding of dog breeds and their instincts, he was able to pinpoint the problem. The dachshund is inclined to want to burrow and hunt, and since there is no target in sight, they have no choice but to let go of that energy and excitement onto the nearest thing. In this case, the target is the bag! 

Cesar’s solution is simple: reframe the act of putting the dog in the bag by giving her guidance. It’s as elementary as placing the dog backwards into the bag so that she is not in a hunting frame of mind! 

Cesar 911 - Dachshund

“I’m going to put the rear first so that way she changes completely the way she feels about the bag. No hunting. Only resting.” 

Cesar 911 - Dachshund

And like magic, the dog is in a relaxed state of mind!

Cesar 911 - Dachshund

Cesar is so confident with this shift in approach that he welcomes the dog’s owner to do the same, and of course, it works!

By understanding dogs and their natural instincts and dispositions, Cesar is able to come up with solutions on the fly!

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