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Cesar Milan
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Cesar Millan Barely Avoids Being Bit by Aggressive German Shepherd

Dog training expert Cesar Millan narrowly avoids being bit by a german shepherd while on the job

Dog expert Cesar Millan is called in to address Amigo, a german shepherd dog mix, who has bitten two of its owner’s friends, putting them on the verge of abandoning their friendship. Cesar is immediately given a taste of what the problem is...narrowly avoiding this dog’s bite! Watch below to catch this tense showdown. 

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The owner, Evan, provides a long history of all the people in his life that Amigo has bit: his friends, father, coworker, the IT guy and HIS BOSS. He even called in a trainer to assist, but the training just wasn't cutting it, which was made clear by the fact that Amigo bit and attacked one of Evan's friends shortly after.

Cesar points out that Amigo immediately shows all the signs of an agitated dog - his ears are pointing back, and his tail is low. Sounds like trouble, but Cesar points out the positive of this situation: Amigo is easy to read. This dog is simply reacting to the friends' nervous energy and behavior, and is lashing out and biting due to their tenseness.

Cesar's solutions to avoid a dog bite:

- Immediate correction after a dog tries to lash out and bite
- Pre-emptive correction once you sense a dog is becoming tense and excited
- Being aware of the dog's body language (ears pulled back, a low tail), and a more relaxed demeanor from visitors

Dog bites are very commonplace and can be very dangerous. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 4.5 million dogs bites occur each year. Though most victims of dog bites can treat themselves at home, it is important to keep a look out for any irritation that may happen, such as overall soreness, skin turning red, puffiness and pus, that may be best served by visiting a doctor immediately to treat the wound and stop an infection.

Here are the immediate suggested steps to take care of your wound according to the CDC:

For minor wounds: wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water, apply an antibiotic cream or ointment, and cover with a clean bandage.

For deep wounds: apply even pressure on the wound with a clean and dry cloth, and seek immediate medical attention. If the bleeding persists and/of if you feel nauseous or faint, immediately call 911.

In addition, dogs also need to be monitored for 10 days for signs of rabies after attacking a human. If signs of rabies are shown, seek immediate attention from a veterinary specialist.

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