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Cesar Intervenes To Help A Powerful Dog That Broke Her Owner’s Back

If Dog Expert Cesar Millan can’t help this dog mom become an assertive leader, her powerful and protective pooch will overpower her permanently.

With a name like Cupid, it’s easy to see how this pup’s owner, Marilyn, couldn’t resist falling in love with her. But as many of us have unfortunately learned, sometimes love hurts. After Marilyn was diagnosed with stomach cancer, her pit bull Cupid became aware of her owner’s weakened state and assumed the role of protector. However, Cupid’s attempts at protecting her owner resulted in the powerful dog accidentally breaking Marilyn’s back. And that one incident barely scrapes the surface of Cupid’s behavioral problems! 

Once Marilyn beat cancer, she was eager to return to her local dog park to reunite with some of her best friends. While Cupid used to coexist peacefully with the other dogs, she started violently attacking other pups upon her return. With a dog this powerful, acts of aggression are extremely dangerous and can even be fatal. As a last ditch effort, Marilyn’s dog park community summoned Cesar Millan to help Marilyn learn how to control her pit bull. If Cesar can’t help Cupid, Marilyn and her dog will be banned from the dog park forever. Hear Marilyn and Cupid’s story in their own words in the below clip from “Cesar 911.” 

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When Marilyn arrives, Cesar immediately identifies two problems. First, Marilyn does not know how to be a leader and therefore can’t properly control her powerful dog. As a result of this, Cupid is now extremely protective of Marilyn, which is the second problem. Cesar knows the solution to Cupid’s aggressive behavior is to properly educate Marilyn so that she can be the authoritative master Cupid needs. Cesar starts showing Marilyn how to properly read Cupid’s body language and the right way to correct her with the leash. Cesar also points out that when Cupid sits on Marilyn’s feet, she is intentionally guarding her owner and not just comfortable there or trying to be sweet. Since Cupid responds well to Cesar’s cues, Marilyn and her friends at the dog park see a clear path to redemption for the big dog. 

At this point, you might be wondering why Cupid started behaving aggressively toward other dogs when she used to happily socialize. The culprit is most likely a change in routine. As mentioned earlier, Marilyn underwent treatment for stomach cancer, which resulted in massive changes to her and Cupid’s lifestyle. Dogs typically are very uncomfortable with changes to their routine and do not like change. While some dogs can adapt well with time, others may misbehave out of confusion, fear, anxiety, or a perceived need to be the pack leader. Anytime there will be a major change in your household, such as moving, welcoming a new baby, adopting a new pet, or returning to the office as in-person staff, your dog will need to go through an adjustment period to adapt. If possible, try easing your dog into his new routine slowly so he doesn’t have to process too many changes at once. Eventually, your dog should relax and return to his regular self. He just may require some extra love and attention, and potentially a bit of reinforcement through proper training and positive awards for good behavior. 

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