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Cesar Helps Expecting Couple Get Their Dog Nuts Under Control

This expecting couple needs help getting their dog under control before their new baby arrives. Read on for tips on how to get a dog acquainted with a newborn.

The name says it all! Cesar visits Stefanie and Minn, an expecting couple who are dog-parents to “Nuts,” aptly named because as Stefanie says, “He is literally nuts.” The couple runs a dance studio and has already seen Nuts lash out at customers when they say hello, and nip at their dancing feet. Their larger concern, however, is they have a baby on the way!

“If we have to give him up, I mean, we will,” shares Minn.

“But we don’t want to,” Stephanie chimes in.

Can Cesar help get this dog on the right path before their newborn arrives? Check out the clip below to see some of Cesar's tips!

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It turns out that Stefanie is holding her dog all wrong. At the front entrance to the dance studio, Stephanie restrains Nuts in her arms, as he barks at entering customers. Cesar shows Stefanie that her energy is being passed to Nuts. Once she puts Nuts on the counter, he’s no longer barking and trying to bite. “We don’t have an aggressive dog, we have a nervous dog reacting to its owner’s energy.”

Cesar demonstrates that by holding Nuts in a lower position, it establishes his rank. Nuts will no longer be eye-level with humans, which he interprets as a challenge, and goes into protection mode. Letting Nuts know that Stefanie is the pack leader will be useful when the new baby is around.

At the couples home, Cesar enters with the goal of an exercise to keep Nuts off the bedroom carpet, to establish a boundary. Once the baby is born, Stefanie will know how to teach the dog to respect her baby’s space. Establishing the baby’s nursery as off-limits will let the dog know that the room belongs to the pack leader.

Just as Nuts sensed Stefanie’s fear when she restrained him from dancers at her studio, he will do the same if she has that energy when the new baby arrives. It’s important for new parents to remain calm, even if they are nervous about how their dog will react to the baby.

If you’ve trained your dog in the past using treats as a reward, reward their behavior whenever they exhibit calmness around your baby. One author wrote on the American Kennel Club website, that she would “balance a piece of string cheese on, say, the baby’s blanket-swaddled feet. (He was the gentlest dog when taking food – don’t try this with a chomper.)”

The day you introduce your dog to the newest family member, is an important one. Start off by tiring your dog by taking them on a long walk. Make sure your dog is calm before inviting them into the house. Then, whoever is holding the dog should remain relaxed, and you should allow the dog to sniff the baby at a safe distance. Allow the dog to get closer over time, with the more interactions you have. 

If you encounter problems, consider working with a qualified or trained behaviorist. Our dogs are our fur babies, but it’s important to make sure they show love to the real babies once they arrive at a home. If you'd like to read more about introducing dogs to newborns, you can read additional literature from Cesar Millan or through some other selections on Amazon

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