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Cesar Gets a Barking Office Dog Under Control - Cesar 911

Watch as dog expert Cesar Millan turns an out of control yellow labrador into the perfect office dog!

Erin Gruwell, or Mrs. G as she is known to her students, is famous for her role in creating the The Freedom Writers Diary. Unfortunately, her 140 pound labrador, named Beau, gained his own notoriety at work. Beau is famous amongst staff for interrupting meetings, barking incessantly, and stealing food. He even barged into one staff meeting, parading through the room with a mouse he had captured in his mouth! When Beau is on a rampage, no work can get done. Desperate to gain control over her office dog, Mrs. G calls in expert dog trainer Cesar Millan. 

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Whether you have spent the last year working from home or work in a dog friendly office, it’s important to make sure our pets are minding their manners. No one wants to feel the embarrassment that comes with having to apologize for your dog interrupting a meeting, or pay for a co-worker’s lunch after it has been stolen by Fido. Thankfully for Beau, all it took to improve his behavior was some simple reconditioning. If your dog’s behavior is preventing you from getting your work done, don’t wait to return to the basics with training, or begin your own reconditioning process. 

However, for many of us working remotely is temporary, and our dogs won’t be our colleagues for much longer. If your dog has gotten too used to you being home 24/7, he could begin to misbehave when the routine changes, or from separation anxiety. Dogs with separation anxiety can cause noise disturbances, and become destructive toward your home. If your dog is starting to show some behavioral issues from you returning to the office, here are 4 tips to consider trying: 

Increase the time you are away slowly.

If your dog has separation anxiety, he may panic when you leave the house. Before you leave for a full 8 hour work day, do some practice runs where you are gone for shorter lengths of time. Your dog will begin to see that you do come back, and will learn to relax while they are home alone. As your dog becomes more comfortable, you can increase the length of time you are away. 
If you don’t want to leave the house, you can also practice this by teaching your dog to “sit” and “stay” in one room, while you go to another room. Reward your dog for staying calm and waiting, and they will learn they can still be happy when they have to be left behind. 

Don’t make arrivals and departures an ordeal. 

Do not make a big deal out of leaving your house and coming home. If your dog is overly excited when you come home, ignore them until they calm down. Once your dog is relaxed, then you can calmly pet them. With time, your dog should learn that your going out is not a big deal, and will learn that overexcited behavior is not tolerated. 

Leave your dog with some creature comforts. 

Sometimes, dogs develop anxiety when they are left home alone out of boredom. Leaving behind some high value toys, or something safe to chew on, could keep your dog content and busy until you return. If your dog is acting out because they miss you, giving your dog some recently worn clothes to snuggle with, or a blanket that smells like you could provide some comfort. 

Invest in doggy daycare.

Instead of leaving your dog home alone all day, take your dog to daycare while you work. Your pup will have fun playing with their new friends, while you are productive in the office. You won’t need to take time out of your work day to go home to give your fur baby bathroom breaks, or worry about what trouble he could be getting into while you’re away. Your dog may also learn valuable skills to enhance their socialization and independence!

Cesar Millan’s work with Beau proves that even the most wild dogs can become the perfect, office companion with some patience and training! Whether you need your dog to behave in the office or while you are at work, reteaching good behaviors and reconditioning is always possible. 

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