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Can Cesar Millan Regain Control Over This Violent German Shepherd Before It’s Too Late?

This territorial German Shepherd may be one of the most challenging and violent dogs Cesar Millan has ever had to rehabilitate!

When Trish brought Ovechkin home as a 4-month-old puppy, she never imagined the violent and territorial monster her German Shepherd would grow up to become. While German Shepherds are known for being loyal guard dogs and protective of their families, Ovechkin has taken his role as Trish’s watchdog WAY too far. Knowing that Cesar Millan is experienced in rehabilitating aggressive dogs, Trish calls him in to help her beloved Ovechkin. 

Cesar quickly realizes that Ovechkin’s territorial behavior is out of control. On their first meeting, the dog is so determined to bite Cesar that Cesar has to protect himself by creating a barrier with a spare tennis racket. But Cesar Millan won’t let Ovechkin get the final word. Instead, he returns with reinforcements. Watch what happens on this episode of “Cesar 911.” 

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After his intense standoff with Ovechkin, Cesar knew he couldn’t tame this violent dog on his own. So, Cesar gathered reinforcements and returned to Trish’s home more determined than ever to break Ovechkin’s violent streak. This time, Cesar has his pack of alpha dogs and a knowledgeable assistant on his side to help him. 

It is immediately obvious that Ovechkin isn’t pleased to see Cesar back on his territory. But now that Cesar has his pack and assistant with him, Ovechkin goes into flight mode instead of fight. With the help of his assistant and the other dogs, Cesar is able to carefully corner Ovechkin long enough to slip a leash around his neck. From there, Cesar is able to cautiously muzzle Ovechkin to take away his ability to bite. 

Once Ovechkin is muzzled, Cesar is able to safely move on to the next step. He officially introduces the German Shepherd to his pack. Once again, the dog is quick to protest, thrashing around violently and vocalizing. But this gives Cesar and the dogs in his pack a chance to correct Ovechkin’s bad behavior and put him in his place. By the end of this introduction, Cesar is victorious after putting Ovechkin into a submissive state. 

Of course, Cesar’s work is only just beginning. Ovechkin will need to spend a few weeks at Cesar’s Dog Psychology Center for some intense rehabilitation and training. But if anyone can rehabilitate Ovechkin, it’ll be Cesar. 

As a disclaimer, remember not to try any of what you just witnessed at home. Cesar Millan is a highly qualified animal trainer and professional. Note that even Cesar knew when it was time to back away from Ovechkin and return with reinforcements later for his own safety. He then continued to prioritize the safety of himself, his crew, and the other dogs by carefully leashing and muzzling Ovechkin. 

If you are ever in a situation where you encounter an aggressive dog, remember to make your safety your top priority. If you can, back away slowly and get to a safe space. Speak calmly and in your normal voice, and do not scream or make eye contact. Running, loud noises, and making eye contact could all trigger the dog to attack. You may need to get creative to use the objects around to create a barrier between yourself and the dog. In Cesar’s case, he used a tennis racket to create a barrier. Once you are safe, call animal control, a certified dog trainer, or a qualified pet professional for assistance. Do not approach the animal unless you are sure you can do so safely. 

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