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Aggressive Dog is About to Get Kicked Out of Dogtown USA | Cesar 911

Cesar Millan heads to Sierra Madre, CA, a city proud of its dog-friendly heritage, to meet Bear, a dog who lunges and attacks other animals and people!

Cesar 911

Cesar Millan is asked by a concerned local business owner to address Bear, a large breed dog who has bad enough behavior to be an outcast in notoriously dog-friendly Sierra Madre, CA. The last straw for Bear’s owner, Marianne, was when she lunged at a small dog and tore its ear. 

Cesar 911 - Bear

Sierra Madre has dog-friendliness as part of its DNA, but Bear’s behavior is bad enough that the owner feels like an outcast in her own town.

Cesar 911 - Bear

While shops have dog bowls, treats and other goodies out in front of their shops, this does nothing to curtail Bear’s bad attitude.

Cesar 911 - Bear

In fact, the town is holding a dog show at the end of the month, and Marianne cannot attend due to her dog’s poor behavior. 

“Everyday, we walk Bear down the street by the fence with a German Shepherd behind it, and it’s a problem everyday. Bear completely becomes unglued.”

Cesar 911 - Bear

“When I take Bear into town to try to get a cup of coffee, she lunges at other dogs, she starts barking like she’s going to rip somebody’s head off.”

“I’m afraid that Bear will either do significant damage to another dog or perhaps even worse, bite a person. Because then, I’d probably end up losing Bear.” 

Cesar 911 - Bear

In typical Cesar fashion, he wastes no time and confronts the issue head on. He takes Bear to the fence with the German Shepherd behind to see if he can correct this dangerous behavior. 

Cesar lines up against the fence and changes his body behavior to signify to bear: pay attention to me and not the environment. 

“99% of the time, the leash should be short. Not tense.” states Cesar. 

This trick works its magic as a tense leash is proven by Cesar to transfer unease and aggression to the dog. 

Cesar 911 - Bear

By getting Bear to focus and phase out the aggressive dog behind the fence, Cesar is able to control her and have her walk by without lunging! Another man even walks by in close range with two small dogs, and Bear is as cool as a cucumber. 

“The biggest problem is not aggression. Aggression is a symptom, not a problem. In your case, it’s pure excitement combined with the anxiety that you have because of past experiences. So those two combined creates a bomb,” Cesar continues.  

Cesar 911 - Bear

“Bear isn’t aggressive. She’s just nervous and excited because that’s the energy Marianne is pouring out!” 

“From the minute we walk out the door, she immediately gets amped up, and then I try not to but…,” admits Marianne. 

Cesar interjects that humans believe an excited state for a dog is a good thing; that it equals affection. However, this state of excitement can snowball into aggressive behavior! 

Lesson learned: excitement doesn’t always mean a positive outcome! It can lead to poor behavior that can become uncontrollable, especially with a large breed dog!

Watch the full encounter below: 

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