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Expert Dog Trainer Cesar Millan is back, this time to answer emergency calls from communities terrorized by unruly canines. The problem dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds, including pit bulls, german shepherds, and even small dogs like pugs and terriers! But no matter how bad to the bone these dogs may seem, Cesar Millan has an uncanny ability to turn them around on this popular tv show.


In each episode, renowned dog psychology and animal behavior authority Cesar Millan is beckoned by the relatives, friends, neighbors, or co-workers of someone whose dog has turned lives upside down. Millan meets with the whistle-blowers in a briefing session, then he evaluates both the pets and the owners through impromptu visits to the neighborhood locations to see each dog display their doggone behavior and watch how owners react. In severe cases, he has to bring the dogs to his state-of-the-art dog psychology center in Los Angeles to evaluate each new arrival in a controlled setting or with his pack.


Sometimes, Cesar even finds that the owner is actually the problem, not the dog! Then, it becomes his job to train the dog owner to become a better pack leader. This is why he trains with the motto "better human better dog."


After rehabilitation programs are set up, Cesar uses surveillance cameras to track progress and ensure a lasting solution through his dog training. The final test comes when all parties gather together in the community -- owners equipped with the knowledge and tools Cesar has provided, and dogs ready to prove they did learn new tricks. Cesar's dog training almost always leads to remarkable transformations, ending each episode of "Cesar 911" on a positive note. 


The Best of the Worst: 


Dog psychology expert Cesar Millan is often called in as a last-ditch effort to help dogs who have been deemed beyond help. When Cesar Millan meets these dogs, they are essentially the worst of the worst. If Cesar can't help, these dogs are at risk of being turned over to the animal shelter or worse! Over the years, Cesar has encountered canine escape artists, dogs who bite, have unpredictable aggressive outbursts, and even break up families or relationships! But through education, rehabilitation, and strengthening the bond pet parents share with their dogs, Cesar Millan gives these pups a new leash on life. Click the links below to see the dogs who qualify as the best of the worst and witness Cesar Millan's most miraculous transformations!



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