Cesar 911

Cesar Millan

Cesar Milan

Cesar Millan is back, this time to answer emergency calls from communities terrorized by unruly canines. Renowned dog behavior authority Cesar Millan is beckoned by the relatives, friends, neighbors or co-workers of someone whose four-legged menace has turned lives upside down. In each episode, Millan meets with the whistle-blowers in a briefing session, then he evaluates both the pets and the owners through impromptu visits to the neighborhood locations to see dogs display their doggone behavior and watch how owners react. After rehabilitation programs are set up, Cesar uses surveillance cameras to track progress and ensure a lasting solution. The final test comes when all parties gather together in the community -- owners equipped with the knowledge and tools Cesar has provided, and dogs ready to prove they did learn new tricks.

Cesar 911 is on Sundays 10:00AM Eastern | 9:00AM Central! 

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