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What Pet Owners Need to Know to Stop Their Dogs From Door Dashing

These tips will help pet owners keep their dogs safe at home by preventing their pets from door dashing.

In this episode of “Lucky Dog,” Brandon helps a shelter dog, named Lolita, find her forever family. As an older dog and one of many chihuahuas available for adoption, it would be easy for Lolita to be overlooked. Luckily, Brandon already has a family in mind. The Zuber family, which consists of a single dad and three young boys, is eager to bring home a new dog to help them heal from the parents’ recent divorce. Brandon thinks Lolita could be a great match, but she first has to learn not to door dash before she can safely be placed in her new home. 

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Dogs like Lolita, who door dash, are quick to run through the door as soon as it opens. In a home with kids where the front door will open and close frequently, the dog is at risk of getting lost or injured after making their escape. Luckily, patience and training can be used to correct this behavior. As Brandon explains, “It’s the dog’s first intuition to run out the door...the dog has to understand it will not be allowed to cross the threshold until the human says it’s okay.”

As Brandon demonstrates with Lolita, the first step to teaching a dog not to door dash is to keep them on a leash for safety during training. Then, slowly open the front door a couple inches. When the dog moves her nose toward the door, quickly close it. After repeating this exercise several times, the dog will learn that trying to run out the door leads to the door closing in her face. Soon, the dog should start backing up when the door opens instead of running forward until the dog has been given permission to come. 

Brandon also leaves pet owners with some words of caution to consider while training their dog not to door dash. First, it is important to be careful not to close the door on the dog’s nose, or any other body parts. Next, dogs learn through repetition, so it is important to repeat the door dashing training multiple times, and test the dog in different environments before the dog can be trusted not to door dash. With repetition and practice, you are sure to end up with a well-behaved dog that won’t try to dash out of your loving home! 

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