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Train Your Pup To Use A Doggy Door Like A Pro!

Dog Trainer Brandon McMillan demonstrates how to quickly teach your dog to use a doggy door!

Dog Trainer Brandon McMillan’s passion is rescuing dogs and helping them find their forever families. On this episode of “Lucky Dog,” we are introduced to Nicky, a sweet Wheaten Terrier Mix Brandon is preparing for adoption. After a brief medical scare, Nicky is able to start her training and Brandon is impressed by her knack for learning. But before Nicky is ready to go to the home Brandon has in mind, she will have to master using a doggy door. Can she do it? Find out in the clip below!

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The first step in Nicky’s training is to show her that the doggy door is moveable and not a threat. Brandon explains that “the worst thing you can do when teaching a dog to use a dog door is try to call them through it with the flap down. They look at the flap all the way down as a wall and it can be intimidating.” Therefore, Brandon starts training Nicky by lifting the flap all the way up, and calling Nicky through it. Every time she goes through successfully, Nicky gets rewarded. After a while, Nicky is confident enough that Brandon can lower the doggy door flap halfway down, and eventually all the way down. Through repetition, Nicky learns that the dog door is moveable and safe! She quickly associates it positively since she gets rewarded every time she uses it. 

Having a doggy door in your home is extremely convenient for many pet owners. It eliminates the need for owners to let their pups in and out to play or go to the bathroom, which is beneficial for pet parents who work full time or are away from home a lot. It can also prevent your dog from developing annoying habits to signal they want to go outside, such as loudly vocalizing or scratching at the door. In addition, having a dog door brings peace of mind in knowing that if there is ever an emergency where your pet needs to evacuate and you’re not home, your dog can still make it outside to safety. If you are considering installing a doggy door in your home, check out some of these pawfect (pun intended!) options!


PetSafe Freedom Patio Pet Doors for Sliding Doors

The PetSafe Freedom Patio Pet Doors for Sliding Doors allows your pup to come and go as he pleases through your sliding door or screen door. This dog door is essentially made of panels that are made from heavy-duty aluminum construction and shatter-resistant, tempered safety glass. It also comes with an energy-conserving UltraSeal flexible flap system designed to keep the heat and cold where it belongs. Installation is easy with no cutting or drilling required, which makes it a perfect choice for renters and apartment dwellers who can’t damage or change the property. All you have to do is slide the panel into one end of your sliding door track, secure it to the frame, and add the weather stripping.

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PetSafe Extreme Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door

Give your pet the freedom she craves with PetSafe’s most heavily insulated, energy efficient doors. This doggie door features a traditional look and has a unique 3 flap system that helps keep heat and air conditioning inside your home, while keeping the outside temperature where it belongs. Every pet door comes with easy-to-follow instructions, a cutting template, and all the hardware you need for hassle-free installation. Last but not least, this doggy door also comes with a snap-on closing panel to prevent your pet from using the door when you don’t want her to, such as on rainy days or when it’s late at night. 

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PetSafe Window & Porch Screen Pet Door

Enjoy the breeze and let your dog come and go as he pleases with the PetSafe Window & Porch Screen Pet Door. This pet door easily attaches to metal and vinyl screen doors and windows to let your dog enjoy the yard or patio and his leisure, as well as fill your home with a lovely breeze. This door is made with a high-impact plastic frame, and comes with screws to reinforce the frame and enhance durability. It also includes easy-to-use slide locks so you can make sure the door stays closed during inclement weather or when you want to keep your pup inside. 

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Ideal Pet Products Ideal Pet Products

Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Original Plastic Pet Door

The pet door from Ideal Pet Products is a simple and convenient way for your dog to go in and out. It is designed with a tinted vinyl flap that is temperature resistant and will provide your home with privacy in case any intruders try to look through the flap. The flap is also designed with magnetic closures on the bottom that ensures it remains sealed, and no unwanted bugs or critters can sneak inside the home. Plus, you can use the rigid lock-out, slide-in panel when you want your pet to stay indoors or out, or for added security at night. 

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High Tech Pet Products High Tech Pet Products

High Tech Pet Products PX-2 Power Pet Fully Automatic Pet Door

The High Tech Pet Products Dog Door is fully automatic to give your pet the freedom he deserves, while also providing you and your family with the security you need. While traditional doggie doors can leave your home vulnerable to intruders and unwanted stray animals, this pet door only opens when it senses the coordinating High Tech Pet Microsonic Collar that comes with your purchase. The door automatically opens and closes itself for your pet, which means hesitant pups don’t have to worry about pushing the dog door open themselves. You will also have full control over how your pet uses the door and when with in-only, out-only, full-access, or closed-and-locked options. 


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