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Learn How To Curb Your Dog’s Annoying Jumping Habit

Dog Trainer Brandon McMillan demonstrates how to quickly teach your dog to stop jumping on you and your guests!

Although they love that their dogs are happy to see them, many pet owners struggle with their overexcited dogs’ tendencies to jump on them and their guests during greetings. While happy and excited dogs can often be adorable, jumping on everyone and everything quickly loses its charm. For a 60 pound lab, like Cordy, who loves meeting new people, her excited jumps could unintentionally knock someone over or cause injuries. On this episode of “Lucky Dog,” Dog Training Expert Brandon McMillan teaches Cordy to stop jumping. 

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In order to curb Cordy’s jumping habit, Brandon uses a handshaken noise maker that makes a loud noise every time Cordy tries to jump. She doesn’t like the sound, and quickly learns to associate it with jumping, causing Cordy to eventually stop jumping altogether. You can make your own noise maker by putting coins into a jar or can, or you can purchase one! Brandon also teaches Cordy the command “Off,” and praises her when she obeys. If you’re struggling to stop your own dog from jumping, here are some additional tips that may help!

- Dogs often jump because they are happy to see you or your guests and want attention. Instead of rewarding your dog with the attention he is seeking, ignore your dog until he stops jumping. Only pet or acknowledge your dog once he has stopped trying to jump. 

- In addition to being told what not to do, your dog may also need to be told what behavior is okay to do instead. Teach your dog an alternative greeting behavior, such as “sit” or “lie down.” Instead of jumping on you and your guests, your dog will learn to keep his paws on the floor and allow you and your guests to easily enter the home. 

- Include guests in your training. In order to understand that jumping isn’t okay, all the humans who come in contact with your dog need to be consistent. When guests come over, ask them to ignore your dog until he stops jumping, or have them give your dog the command for “sit” before your dog is rewarded with their attention. Consider keeping your dog on a leash while he is in training, and do your best to avoid sending your pup mixed signals. 


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