Lucky Dog

Brad McMillan

Brad McMillan stars in Lucky Dog

Animal trainer Brandon McMillan's mission is to rescue difficult-to-love and untrained dogs that find themselves at the neighborhood animal shelter, his home away from home. At McMillan's training facility, Lucky Dog Ranch, he tackles the involved task of transforming dogs with behavioral issues into model pets. Each episode showcases the story of the success story of a rehabilitated dog and the family that takes it home.

As Brandon prepares each rescue pup to go to a new home, he gives lots of valuable training tips that pet parents can implement at home as part of their dog’s training regimen. Mr. McMillan’s training strategy emphasizes positive reinforcement with praise, treats, and repetition. As a dog starts to understand new commands or behaviors, Brandon adds difficulty and distractions until the dog’s behavior is trustworthy and reliable. While your specific situation may necessitate guidance from a certified pet trainer, you can safely test out Brandon’s solutions and strategies for addressing common pet problems like barking, separation anxiety, and potty training in your own home! 


Check out some of our favorite training tips from Brandon McMillan below! 


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Lucky Dog is on Sundays starting at 9:00AM Eastern | 8:00AM Central!
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