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Top 5 Affordable Ways to Add Value to Your Home

“The Living Room” does it best when it comes to affordable home renovations. We’ve got the most important places in your home to put work into if you’d like to increase your home’s value while still sticking to a budget!

Your home is an investment. To get the most out of it, you may have to make some updates from time-to-time. The good news is, it doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money to do so! When you’ve got insights like those from our friends at “The Living Room,” you can easily upgrade your home on a budget. Check out the clip below and read on to find 5 ways to add value to your home.

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#5: Fix Your Facade

Budget: Don’t spend more than 1.5% of your property value

You know the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” Well, it doesn’t apply to your home! First impressions matter, so keeping up the look of the exterior of your home is important. If you’ve got an old brick home, you can render just the front of it using cement and then spray paint the sides for an affordable refresh. 

Is your roof a bit ugly? Instead of spending the money to replace it, you can give it a high-pressure water cleaning. Another option for a simple refresh is to use a roof spray paint to change the entire look. Don’t forget about the little details that matter when looking at the front of your home. Keep your mailbox sleek and color-coordinated with your home, along with your house number, and your front door lights. As “The Living Room” host Cherie says: “These things are the icing on the cake.”

#4 Boost Your Backyard

Budget: Don’t spend more than 0.5% of your property value

Your backyard is another selling point of your home, so you should take advantage of what you have to work with. Expansive green turf, or well-manicured grass, contributes to the beauty of a home. Avoid putting trees or plants in the middle of your backyard, which makes a space seem smaller than it is. Hardy low-maintenance plants using timber sleepers (a rectangular support system used in gardening) won’t cost you a ton, and will keep your garden looking neat. Pebbles are a nice addition to a garden, but cypress wood chips can achieve the same look for less.

#3 Brighten Your Bedroom

Budget: Don’t spend more than 1.5% of your property value

According to Cherie, bedrooms are one of the cheapest rooms to renovate. If you have a dark overbearing wardrobe in your room, you can use laminate to paint the structure, which will brighten up the entire room. If you can afford to do so, replacing closet doors and cabinets with mirrors will help bounce light around giving the room an illusion that it is larger than it is. Similarly, you can use a light, calming color to paint an accent wall. Removing the oyster lightening directly attached to the ceiling and replacing it with forward-downlights can also brighten up a dark bedroom.

#2: Beautify Your Bathroom

Budget: Aim to spend 1.5 to 2% of your property value

If you’ve got outdated tiles in your bathroom, resist the costly urge to rip them out! Instead, use tile paint. A simple white paint color will make your bathroom seem larger. If you are planning a more extensive bathroom renovation, you’ll save money if you keep all of your appliances that require plumbing -- namely the toilet, shower, and sinks -- in the same area.

#1 Kitchen is King

Budget: Don’t spend more than 2% of your property value

You’ve come to the most important room in your house. Cabinets often need a refresh but you don’t necessarily need to remove them and start from scratch. You can use laminate paint to update an ugly cabinet color. If the cabinet’s overall look needs to go, keep the original structure, and just replace the doors. Those who are in need of new appliances should keep in mind that purchasing them as a package deal from the same manufacturer will be the most cost-effective move. For the best kitchen layout, follow the rule of the golden triangle: your refrigerator, stove, and sink should all be in a perfect triangle.

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