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Small DIY Projects to Revamp Your Garden in a Big Way

Learn how to create a one-of-a kind garden in your backyard in just one afternoon!

Everyone has heard the phrase “new year, new me”. But how about “new year, new garden?” Now is as good of a time as any to revamp your backyard space. Maybe your current planters are due for replacement, or you want to maximize your space to grow as many plants as possible. Whatever you have in mind, Host Barry Du Boise can give you the tools to get started with 2 simple DIY garden projects. In this episode of “The Living Room,” Barry helps Brooklyn and Katrina add classy planters and shelving to their quirky, inner city back garden. 

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Your backyard is part of your home, and it’s important that you love it! The best part of DIY garden projects is that you have full creative control to design your dream garden and make it your own. It’s up to you to decide what color paint to use, where to put shelving, and what plants to grow. Here at DABL, we’ve been focusing on making sustainable choices in our gardens, such as by planting native plants that don’t require as much water usage. No matter how you decide to revamp your backyard garden, you are sure to feel a sense of accomplishment after seeing the hard work you put into your DIY projects pay off! 

Feeling motivated to flex your green thumb? Here are some of the editorially-chosen, best purchases to bring new life into your garden. 


9 Tier 17 Potted Plant Stand

If you don’t have a lot of soil in your backyard for planting, or if you simply love style, displaying your plants on a potted plant stand is a super cute way to show off your garden. The plant racks show off your beautiful plants in a space efficient way, while also allowing your plants to get the sunlight they need to thrive.

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Raised Garden Bed Planter Box

This Raised Elevated Garden Bed Planter Box is an elegant and classy way to show off plants, herbs, vegetables, or flowers! 

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Stalwart StoreStalwart Store

Wall Mounted Organizer for Garage

After a busy day of gardening, having a designated place to store your tools will be a welcomed timesaver and will make for easy cleanup. Storing your tools on your wall takes up little space, and you will know exactly where your tools are when you are ready to tend to your garden again. 

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