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Simple Tips to Prolong Your Pet’s Life and Love Them Longer

Veterinarian and host, Chris Brown, provides useful tips that pet parents can easily employ in daily life to prolong the lives of their beloved pets

It’s safe to say that the hardest part of being a pet parent is knowing that we will eventually have to say goodbye to our beloved fur babies. However, we can take solace in knowing we provide our pets with lives full of love and happiness. On this episode of “The Living Room,” Chris provides simple tips to keep our pets healthy and prolong their lives as long as possible. Watch as Chris demonstrates these small, but important tasks on his special guests, a galapagos tortoise, named Hugo, and a beautiful dog, named Moss. 

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While no one wants to think about their pets passing away, it is important to think about what we can do to keep them happy and healthy. Simple tips, such as brushing your pet’s teeth frequently and making sure he drinks enough water, take little time from your day, but could prolong your pet’s life by years. 

In addition to the tips suggested by Chris, it’s also important to feed your pet a healthy diet. Just like people, pets can suffer health consequences caused by obesity. Always research the brand of food you choose to feed your pet, and be mindful of which foods will provide the most nutrients for your pets, especially if you share your human food with your animals. For example, chocolate is toxic to dogs, but bananas are a low-calorie, vitamin rich treat! Other pet owners opt to feed their pets a raw diet, as they feel this is the closest diet to what their pet would experience in nature. Before starting a new feeding plan with your pet or if you need guidance on how much to feed your pet, consult with your veterinarian. 

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