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Simple Tips to Prolong Your Pet’s Life and Love Them Longer

Learn the key to longevity from the world’s oldest living dog and more tips to prolong your pet’s life from “The Living Room.”

By: Catie Kovelman, Updated 05/29/2022 

It’s no secret that our dogs just don’t live long enough! But one dog owner may have found the secret to keeping our fur babies with us as long as possible. Gisela Shore lives in Florida with her dog, TobyKeith, who who was named the oldest living dog by Guinness World Record recently. It was announced that the chihuahua broke the record on March 16 when he turned 21 years and 66 days old. When you consider that one year for a dog is the equivalent of aging seven human years, TobyKeith is more than 145 years old in dog years. Once the news of TobyKeith’s achievement made headlines, another pup came forward to claim the title. At 22 years old, a Toy Fox Terrier named Pebbles is actually the world’s oldest living dog. 

So, what’s the secret to keeping your dog happy and healthy for more than 20 years? Even though her dog may not be the actual oldest, Shore still has some great advice for pet parents everywhere. Shore says that a combination of a good diet, exercise, and providing a loving home is the key. In particular, Shore says she has never been a fan of free-feeding, which is when dogs are allowed to graze from their bowls at their leisure. She keeps TobyKeith on a restricted diet with lots of healthy protein and vegetables, and always makes sure he gets plenty of exercise. In addition, he has lots of good friendships with Shore’s other dogs and parrots. That said, Shore doesn’t take all the credit for her dog’s longevity. She knows that TobyKeith also won the genetics lottery and is lucky to be in such great condition at his old age. 

While diet and exercise are extremely important for your pet’s health, there are other things you can do as well. On this episode of “The Living Room,” Chris provides additional tips to keep our pets healthy and prolong their lives as long as possible. Watch as Chris demonstrates these small, but important tasks using his special guests: a Galapagos tortoise, named Hugo, and a beautiful dog, named Moss. 

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While no one wants to think about their pets passing away, it is important to think about what we can do to keep them happy and healthy while they are with us. It’s not always about the number of years your pet has, but the quality of those years.  Simple tips, such as brushing your pet’s teeth frequently and making sure he drinks enough water, take little time from your day, but could prolong your pet’s life by years and make him feel healthier. 

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