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Save Time By Adding a Self Irrigating System to Your Lawn

Barry Du Bois gives easy to follow instructions to install a DIY self irrigation system in your own backyard.

No one likes when their backyard falls into disarray. It just doesn’t look good when the grass starts dying, and weeds are popping up everywhere you look. In this episode of “The Living Room” Ledia and Boris are having trouble maintaining their garden, and spend at least an hour each day trying to water their beloved vegetable garden. Thankfully, Barry is able to teach Ledia and Boris how to quickly and easily install their own irrigation system in their backyard, as well as pathways to help them navigate through their garden. This will save Ledia and Boris hours of time watering plants, and creates much needed organization. Luckily, the steps are so simple that you could easily recreate these DIY projects in your own backyard! 

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Not only do Barry’s DIY projects save you time and stress, they can also be beneficial for the environment. For example, Barry’s right hand man, Dylan, recommends installing drip feeders to the garden beds. These are a great choice because drip feeders use up to 50% less water than watering with the garden hose, which conserves water and saves you money. Ultimately, if you are worried about the state of your backyard, take comfort in knowing that there are simple DIY projects that can have your garden looking picture perfect in no time! 

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Galvanized Raised Garden Bed

Give your vegetables the perfect home to grow in these raised garden boxes! These beds have an open bottom, which keeps weeds away and provides excellent drainage. Plus, the planters have an eco-friendly coating which makes them safer for the environment.

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Natural Slate Plant Labels

If you have ever struggled to remember which vegetable you planted where, these signs are for you! Keep your garden organized and add labels to your garden in a classy, decorative way! 

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Irrigation/Hydroponics Dripline

Installing a dripline irrigation system is a great way to save time, conserve water, and save money on your water bills. Make sure your garden gets all the water it needs with this durable, easy to install irrigation dripline. 

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