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Make Your Home Brighter With These DIY Tips

If your home is in need of more light, we have five tips from “The Living Room” plus three of our own to help you brighten it up!

Let there be light! Improving the lighting in your house will boost your mood, give you more energy, and make your house feel more like a home. Our friends from “The Living Room” have five useful tips on how to make your home brighter. With the help of a few simple tools you can do them all on your own.  We’ve got three additional suggestions on how to bring more light into your home that even a DIY novice can accomplish. 

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“The Living Room” host Barry Du Bois is a handy guy, but in this clip below, he’s showing you step-by-step ways to bring more light into your home. The first tip is simple enough:

Tip #5: Choose the Correct Light Bulb 

The right bulb can set the mood and affect how much light is in a room. Choose a cool or blue bulb if you want it to appear like daylight. This works best in kitchens, offices, and bathrooms. Lightbulbs with an orange or a warmer glow are better suited for lamps and light fixtures in your bedroom. Barry suggests using tungsten bulbs to achieve this warmer look. While they’re not as readily available as they were in the past since many bulbs are being replaced by more energy-efficient versions, they still can be found. 


Here are some available at Home Depot. If they aren’t being used all-day long, we think they’re a perfect fit for mood lightening.

Feit ElectricFeit Electric

Vintage Edison Light Bulb With Tungsten Filament

These beautiful tungsten lightbulbs will warm up any room and add a dash of style. 

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Tip #4: Install Venetian Blinds

You’re fortunate if you have a home with lots of windows that provide natural light, but sometimes, it may be too much! To control the light, ventilation, and have some privacy, Barry recommends installing venetian blinds. They are available in bamboo, wood, and fabric, so choose whatever most fits your style. 


Typically, when you purchase the blinds, all the fixings and brackets to install them should be included along with directions. Make sure you have an electric drill (and if not, visit Home Depot to find one) to do the installation. 

Ryobi Electric Drill

Make any home improvement task easier with this powerful Ryobi Electric Drill! 

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Tip #3: Utilize Window Film

If you need some privacy or just a bit less light at times, that’s where window film comes in. Before installing, make sure to clean your windows well. Window film can be tinted, frosted, or embossed and it’s similar to contact paper in that both require you to pull the film off from a paper backing. Barry uses thin pieces of masking tape on both the film and the paper backing to help separate them from one another. You may not think to do so, but Barry sprays both the film and the window with some soapy water from a spray bottle before placing the film down. The sticky side goes straight onto the inside pane, and by wetting the window and panels, you can easily slide the film into place. Once again, spray the film on the window with some soapy water, and use a squeegee to flatten out any air bubbles. Barry uses an exacto knife to remove the excess film. Wipe it all down with a damp cloth and you’re done. No more glaring light while you work!

We’ve chosen a few tools that will provide the same sun protection, privacy and perfectly filtered lighting! 


Window Privacy Film

Diffuse harsh, direct sunlight and enjoy an extra bit of privacy with this easy-to-install frosted film. 

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Fine Mist Spray Bottle

A premium spray bottle is a lot more useful than you think! Use it to spritz your houseplants or for window cleaner. In this case, it's the perfect tool to spritz soapy water before applying your privacy film! 

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12 in. Window Squeegee

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Tip #2: Replace a Solid Front Door with a Tufted Glass One

If your entryway seems a bit dark and drab, blame it on your door! Instead of having a solid front door, one with tufted glass will bring in more light to your home. We like this affordable option from Lowe’s that lets the light in while still providing privacy. The replacement door should be marked so you know where the handle is, as well as which side should be attached to the hinges. Barry says to use your old door as a template for your new one. Measure out where the hinges and the hardware were installed on it, and transfer those measurements over to the new door. Use your handy-dancy drill to screw the new door and its hinges into place. 



Tufted Door

Instantly change the first impression of your home from the inside and outside with this tufted door! 

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Tip #1: Install a Solar Panel on Your Roof

Solar panels have been increasingly popular for their cost-saving and environmentally friendly benefits. If you’re a true DIY pro, be like Barry and install your own like this one from Walmart. Be careful! He recommends wearing a harness while on the roof. You’ll have to remove the roofing to attach the brackets for the panel. Place the solar panel where it’s likely to receive the most sunlight. You’ll have to attach brackets (may be sold separately) to the roofing so that you can connect the solar panel. Inside the home, beneath the panel, you’ll then have to mount a diffuser and cut out the space using a chiprock saw. Plug the cables from the panels into the diffuser and fit it into position in the ceiling. It’s similar to a skylight but with much less construction involved. 


Solar Panel with Alligator Clips

Get a step closer to more sustainable and clean energy with this DIY solar panel project. 

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6 in. Drywall Blade

This handy rasping saw will have you creating precise and clean cuts in your drywall in no time! 

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Here at DABL, we had a few more tricks up our sleeves we wanted to share. 

DABL Tip #1: Strategically Place Mirrors in Your Home 

Placement of mirrors can do wonders for your home. By positioning your mirror opposite a window, you’ll allow it to reflect more light into your space. If you have a long hallway, a mirror on the end wall will make it seem more light and spacious. We love mirrors for their one-two punch: they bring in light and make fantastic wall art. Make sure you figure out what type of wall you have before you hang a mirror, because that will determine what type of  screws and anchors you’ll need. Similarly, weigh your mirror to ensure you get hooks which can withstand the mirror’s weight.

DABL Tip #2: Clean Your Windows

No installation required here! Simply cleaning your windows will help to bring more light into the home. Use a rag and Windex or your own simple solution made by mixing one part white vinegar with two parts water in a spray bottle. Once you spray and wipe, use an old newspaper to wipe away any remaining water to achieve a streak-free window. 

DABL Tip #3: Aim Your Lamps at the Wall or Ceiling

Another easy move is to tilt your floor lamps or table lamps so that the light hits the wall or ceiling, not the floor. This will warm up the room providing more light using the same lamps you’ve had all along!

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