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How to Save Water and Money at the Same Time

Barry Du Bois presents 5 easy tips that will help you save water and money in your daily routine.

Water is what makes our world go round. Therefore, it’s crucial that we take steps to save water, especially since only around 1% of water on Earth is actually usable. In this episode of “The Living Room” Host Barry Du Bois gives 5 easy tips that will help you save up gallons of water per day. Your water bill will thank you!

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Barry’s tips are simple and easy to use in daily life. We especially love Barry’s tips for saving water outdoors, especially since so much water usage happens in our own backyards. For example, conserving water by sweeping patios instead of hosing down pavement doesn’t add any time to normal chores. Plus, native plants and drought resistant plants are all the rage now, and using this foliage in your landscaping will save time and money in addition to lots of water. Barry’s final outdoor tip for collecting the rainwater that falls off your roof is also a brilliant way to water your whole backyard, or can be reused inside in toilets and washing machines. 

Speaking of the indoors, Barry gives insightful tips for conserving water in the bathroom. His most important tip may be to make sure leaky faucets are fixed quickly. If left unchecked, leaky faucets can waste 20,000 liters, or over 5,000 gallons, in just one year. Luckily, Barry gives step-by-step instructions for how to fix a leaky faucet in a matter of minutes, so you won’t even need to spend money on a plumber! 

If you’re passionate about saving water, there is much more you can do to conserve this valuable resource. For example, you could take shorter showers and make sure to turn off the water while you brush your teeth. You could also consider installing water conserving appliances in your home, and we’ve compiled some of our favorites below! 


66 Gallon Collapsible Rain Barrel

This eco-friendly product is the perfect solution for saving rainwater to use in your garden or around your home, and could cut your water bill by up to 40% per year. Plus, it’s portable and built for easy storage in non-rainy seasons.

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High SierraHigh Sierra

High Efficiency Low Flow Showerhead

This award winning shower head is built to last. Enjoy luxurious showers knowing that you are saving both water, and saving energy when heating the water!

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Motion Sensor Single Handle Kitchen Faucets

The Soosi Motion Sensor Kitchen Faucet is an excellent choice for saving water. This faucet functions with a motion sensor, and automatically turns off when it doesn’t need to be used to help conserve water. Plus, this faucet is easy to install, has dual functions as a spray head and pull-down spray wand, and boasts a high-arch spout. 

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Toilet TankToilet Tank

Water Conserving Tank Insert

Putting a toilet tank bank into your toilet tank is one of the easiest ways to conserve water. All you have to do is fill the bag with water, and hang it inside your toilet’s tank. This is completely maintenance free, and allows you to save more than a gallon of water with every flush! 

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