Exercise While Working
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Get Fitter While You Work From Home

Burn some calories and work on your overall fitness even while working!

Sitting in front of a computer all day isn’t the best for your health. If you’ve got a typical office job which requires little activity throughout the day, these tips are for you! Whether you are working from home or back at an office, these tips from “The Living Room” will help you seamlessly integrate exercise into your daily life.

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Tip #1: Take the Stairs 

You may be rolling out of bed into your office these days, but if you’ve got access to steps at all, use them! If you’re in a house, take a break and walk up and down the stairs every few hours. If you’re in an apartment building, take the stairs instead of the elevator to go get your mail, or to step outside and get some fresh air. 

Tip #2: Track Your Daily Steps

Every step you take counts so make a conscious effort to get up and move throughout the day, even if it’s in small increments. Walking can help you reduce the risk of common health conditions, like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. While most people average 3-4,000 steps per day, 10,000 should be your goal. Use a pedometer or a fitness tracker to get an idea of where you’re currently at, and then make an effort to build up to the 10,000 steps per day benchmark. Set alerts on your cellphone or put it on your calendar to stand up and get walking at certain times of the day.

Tip #3: Walk While You’re On the Phone

When you get a phone call, just get up and move. Wireless headphones can help you easily walk away from your computer. If it’s nice weather where you are, plan to go for a walk when you have a phone call scheduled. Or, consider an at-home treadmill that you can hop to and from as you take your calls.

Tip #4: Do Desk Exercises

There are so many quick and effective strength training moves you can do right in your home office. Try a desk push-up: lean your arms against your desk, table, or kitchen counter, and get in a quick set of push-ups. If you do only 10 push-ups every hour throughout the day, you can burn up to 100 calories!

Tip #5: Participate in a Team Challenge

Just because you’re not physically close to your co-workers doesn’t mean you can’t partake in some healthy competition remotely. During a video conference, see who amongst your team can hold a squat the longest, do the most jumping jacks in an allotted amount of time, or hold an abs plank. If you are able to get your company to supply you with a fitness tracker like Fitbit, you can challenge co-workers to step challenges to see who can get the most steps in or how many of you can reach your daily set goal. 

Working from home should allow you even more time to integrate exercise into your daily routine. Think back to when you had to get fully dressed for work or commute to an office and find ways to use that newfound time to better your health instead!

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