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Closet Organization Systems That Meet Every Budget

Lucy and Jay need some help to maximize their storage, and Dylan from “The Living Room” shows them how easy it can be! You too can get a great closet storage system, no matter your budget!

Often our at-home storage spaces are less than ideal; they’re lacking structure so items get thrown or shoved in, resulting in a disorganized mess. The overflow ends up in other places in the home, never to be seen again! Lucy and Jay, for example, are parents of three young kids. A ton of their kids’ toys and sporting equipment is strewn about their garage. All of the bedrooms in their home contain built-in closets, however, they’re not designed for the storage they need. Take a look at the clip below of “The Living Room” and see how Dylan shows Lucy, a DIY novice, how to install a closet system in their baby’s room.

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The system Lucy uses has a top track which can adjust depending on the closet length. There are vertical wall strips that attach to the track allowing hanging bars and wire shelves to be inserted. With a bit of patience (and some hints from Dylan), Lucy drills the screws in and was able to successfully install the closet system.

We’ve got three closet organization systems below, one to meet every budget. From the more user-friendly to needing professional installation, here are our three favorite options. You’ll be amazed at how they’ll help you maximize your storage space. 


5636 SuperSlide 5-Feet to 8-Feet Closet Organizer Kit

If Lucy can do it, so can you! This DIY system will work for any closet that is between 5-8 feet in length. All hardware for installation is included, however, be aware that if you have a smaller closet less than 8 feet, you may need a bolt cutter. It includes 12” deep shelving to hold a variety of clothing items and a hanging bar for all your hanging needs.

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Wayfair Wayfair

58" W - 83" W Closet System Walk-In Sets

This steel-designed system has an adjustable width and is 72” H by 14” D. There are two rods so you can hang both tops and pants. The overhead space this provides is ideal for large items like luggage and blankets, and the 10 sides shelves gives you options on what to put there (shoes, sweaters, towels, etc.). This is perfect for that closet with absolutely no built in storage. Assembly is required but almost all the online reviews say that it was quick and easy!

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The Elfa Collection at The Container Store

We love Elfa Collection’s versatility and variety. You can create storage space anywhere, from a large walk-in closet to against a blank bedroom wall. Using a similar system as the one you saw in “The Living Room” clip above, it uses adjustable brackets and shelving, plus so much more (we’re huge fans of their hanging-wall jewelry rack). They offer a variety of finishes, from the basic ventilated shelving to the Elfa Decor Shelves which add the beauty of real wood.

The Container Store offers free design consultations, either in-store or at home, to get you started designing the closet of your dreams. Prices start at around $800 for a 4-foot closet space.

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